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The M. E. church at Stony Creek has been paintod and papered. Edwin Wrighfr, of Milan, was married to Miss Feldman of Maybee, May 21. George Tuttle, of Ypsilanti town, died Friday night, of consumption, aged 14 years. H. A. Lookwood, of Monroe, dolivers the Decoration löay address at Milan tomorrow afternoon. Bev. J. P. Hutchinson preaches the baooalaureate sermón for the Milan high school this year. The Momerial Day address at Dexter tomorrow will be delivered by Prof. Austin George, of Ypsilanti. Prof. George, of the Normal scbool, Ypsilanti, will deliver the commencement day addresses at Dundee and Ovid. The junior class of the Milan high school consists of twelve this year. They hold junior exercises in the Milan opera house this evening. James Wilson, one of the most respected colored citizens of Ypsilanti, died Saturday morning at hifl home on Hamilton st., aged ño years. John Youngs died May 17, on the William Dansingburg farm in Augusta, aged 80 years. He was born in England and carne to this country about fifteen years ago. The Dexter eitizens estimate that it will oost 8,000 to put in an eleotric light plant in Dexter and that it wonld take 16 lights of 2,000 candle power eai-h to light Dexter. The Ypsilaijti Young Women's Chnstian Assoication has adopted a very high souuding name for its new home. It will be hereafter knowu as the "Palais Royal." The senior class of the Saline high school numbers 14, the largest in the history of the school. The must remarkable fact, however, is that the boys and girls are equal in number. Dan Q. and Josephine are the two most promising youngsters of the Simmocolon stock farm, Ypsilanti town. The flrst named will be entered in several race meets this year and it is expected that he will give a good account of himself before the seasou is over. Capt, E. P. Allen will deliver the Memorial Day address at Elgin, 111., totnorrow. The Ypsilanti Commercial speaking of it says: " 'Tis said that the Captain's popularity as a lawyer is so great in that manufacturiug city that several of its watches ate already 'hunting cases' for hirn." Henry Richardson died at his home in Ypsilanti, Monday ïnoming from the effects of a stroke of paralysis received about two years ago and from which he bad been gradually getting worse. He leaves a daughter, Mrs. B. J. Neff and two sous, nne of whom reeides here the other in Detroit. Miss Grace Davis believes there's eomething in a name. Her bicycle is a "Stormer, " and in endeavoring to mount it near the mili race bridge Saturday evening it refused to be guided by human intelligence and went off into the race with its fair rider, and both took an involuntary plunge beneath the water. Miss Grace thinks it is a "Stormer" indeed. - Milan Loader. Several Ypsilantians were trimmed by a "Cheap John" who was aronnd the city seiling suit patterns which he claimed he imported from England and esoaped payirig dnty on because they were remnants. He also agreed to come baok and make up the goods for $8 a suit. "When soms of them made inquiries among the tailors as to what they would make them up for they foand that the cloth was not worth the $11 they paid for it and they had been trimmed from $5 to $7 each. At a meeting one evening last week the Ypsilanti Light Guards discussed the question of attending the Memorial Day services at the M. E. church of that city last Sunday morning, as an escort to Carpenter Po3t, G. A. R. Had Dr. E. W. Ryan been at home to preach the sermón, there is no question but that they would have unanimonsly ref ased to go, and as it was on the first vote only 25 out of 55 voted "yea. " It was only by dint of hard striving on the part of Gapt. John P. Kirk and others that the f uil ootnpany flually decided to go. The cause of this animas is found i'i the criticising remark made by Dr. Ryan in the pulpit tbree years ago, "God pity the poor mother who has a son in the Michigan state troops" ; also in the bitter personal attack the Rev. gentleman has made npon Capt. Kirk, who is highly esteemed by his company. A. J. Waters is again village attorey of Manchester. The Manchester village tax will be ue-fifth of one per cent. Manchester has raised $300 for a üiirth of July celebration. O. M. Kelsey and H. O. Lauikin have nited their liveries iu Saline. The Eastern Stars of Tecumseh visted the Manchester lodge Wednesday. Philip Ziegler died in Manchester, May 20, of consumption, aged 29 years. A quantity of eider has been stolen rom the baru of Cornelias Carr, at Manchester. The ninetieth birthday oí Thomas Jreeu, of Sharon, was celebrated last week by his friends. Dr. E. M. Conklin, of Manchester, has been elected a vice president of the State Eclectic Medical society. Miss Cynthia Hall, formerly of Saine, is to be married, June 3 in Travrse City to Rowland Douglass. Prof. R. O. Austin has been reeleoted superintendent of the Saline chools at au increase of $100 in salary. Prof. E. A. Strong, of Ypasilanti, will deliver the graduating address at he Sonth Lyon high school commencenent. Clinton S. Bassett.of Niles, and Mrs. Leah A. DeNike, of Ypsilanti, were married Wednesday evening in Ypsianti. Charles Schroen and Miss Emma Hauser were married at the bride's arents near Saline last Thursday evenng. The happy couple will reside in Ann Arbor. Mrs. C. J. Smith, of Ypsilanti, was everely injurod about the head Monday evening by running into a street curbing with her bicycle, she having ost control of it coining down hill. At a meeting of the stookholders of the Ypsilanti opera house assooiation ïeld Tuesday evening,it was unanirnosy decided to go ahead with the buildng of an opera house and bids will be advertised for at once. A tramp over in Brighton went to church one Tuesday evening lately. He didn't turuble to the society he was in and taking out an oíd clay pipe preceeded to smoke duiing the services. He got thirty days ín jail. The Scherrnerhorn-Sanders case, in trover before Justice Childs, of Yyisilanti, as been adjourned vintil after the repnblicau convention at St. Louis, Mo., next mouth, on request of Capt. E. P. Allen, who is attorney for the defeuse. Prof. Atistin George has beeu chosen superintendent of the Ypsilanti schools, his duties to commence next year. This decisión was reached at a meeting of tbe school board held Tuesday night. The vote stood 5 for Georfje and 1 for Prof. Whitney, the present superintendent. The Chelsea Fair Association has elected the following officers for the ensuing year: President, 'Wm. Glenu ; vice president, Lewis Hindelang; secretary, Otto Lewick; treasurer, B. Parker; board of manager, Samuel Tucker, Chas. Johnson, John Wade and H. M. Twamley. Rev. Mr. Winton, of Fenton, conducted the Memorial Day services hele at the M. E. church, Ypsilanti, last Sunday. The services were attended by 60 members of the G. A. B., about 40 Light Guards and a number of W. R. C, besides a large congregation not identifled directly with these nrgauizations. A span of ShetlaDd ponies belonging to R. W. Hemphill's herd, attached to a new $75carriage made especially for them, came near demolishing themselves and the whole business on Huron st., Ypsilanti. One of them jumped over the traoes and in trying to extricate ítself rau iuto a telegraph pole and smashed the tongue of the bnggy. The Saline Farmers' olub meets a' T. Josenhans' next Friday. Leonard Josenhans will read a paper on the cultivation, ns9 and value of the corn erop. Mrs. A. A. Wood will give a selected reading and the question of araeuding the work of tbe common sohools to better equip the youth for the praotical dnties of life will be dis enssed. T. J. Hutton, of Detroit, brought out fonr carrier pigeons to Ypsilanti Wednesday morning. The quartet in oluded a young bird which he was training into the work. They were liberated at the Neat house and after circling twice in the air made a bee line for Detroit with their messages In less than 40 minutes from the time tbey were freed a telegraph message caruefrorn Detroit that they bad arrivec there all right. E. M. Rector, arrested upou a charge of obtaining money uuder false pretfluces by organizing a colored lodge of K. of P. in Ypslanti, had his examination Moaday rnorning at Ypsilanti and was on recommendation of tho prosecuting attorney discharged. It was shown by receipts he had iu liis possession that he had turned over the money he had received to one of the two fac tions of the colored K. P., which showec that he had acted in good faith in th matter. Aunt Sarah Havilaod, the septuage narian, who has recently been pardone from the state priaon after being ther for 30 years, was formerly a residen of Ypsilanti. She was born in Veroua Oneida county, N. Y., and came to liv with her grandfathder, Lemuel Allen in Ypsilanti, when she was 18 year old. At the age of 19 she married Ir Haviland and lived with hirn for 1years when he died and she marrie John Leonard, from whom after si years she obtained a divorce, he bein a druukard. She then removed t Battle Creek where the crime fo which she suffered was eommitted.