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Tona Kearney has been appointed city attornoy of Aun Arbor. He used to be a demoorat, aud we notice that he was confirmetd by a noanimous vote. Let him give his opinión on .Tudge Kinne's tree, and we can tell ín two iuutes, whether or not be is a good awyer. (irass Lake has a literary organizaon called the "Saturday club." One f the exercises on the program last eek was a quotation frorn Burns. A ouug lady present said that she let ;he curling irou slip that rnorniug aud ier quotatiouu ftom burus, vrould iardly be allowable. Lewis Laflin purchased of Jos. Breinng yesterday a peculiar flock of sneep, here were 10 ewes with 2 lambs, the ambs all born since April 1. One of ie ewes had triplets which accounted or the odd number. - Ypsi. end of Vashtenaw Times. Every effort to epress and ruiu the sneep industry, it eems is not snccessful. Capt. Allen nght to be asharned to look this flock : ewes in the face. He can 't conviuce ïem that free wool, will ruin Amerian ocks, and he need not try. No ewes. Ah, the evil influences that lie hiden arouud a republican newspaper ifice. For 20 years, was S. Edward Bogers, city editor of the Jackson Citzeu. Later he was employed in the fflce of the Ann Arbor Courier. Tcay, he is dying in the Berrien connty Imshouse, a mental physical and uauoial wreek, legitímate resalta of ractical republicanism. Re bas swalowed several printing offices, in his ay, as illustrative of republican teachngs on temperance. Can James O'Donnell ever be governor of the state f Michigan, or Junius Beal ever be lected a bishop of the M. E. churoh, vith such an example of ruin traceable ;o their immediate personal influenoe? Never. Retribution points its bony inex flnger, more than three feet seven nches long, straight at them, as his Iephistophelian uiajesty cruises along the Htyx picking up his own. By (iint of extra pufïs iu the Press 'or two years the Ann Arbor school of music was enabled to win a national epatation in producing a musical festial, the attendance beiog largely seuced through a belief tbat they were o hear us iu our vocal renditions of Meudelssohn, Beethoven, Moses, and ïill Nye. Though indisposición pre■ented our taking part, the other attracions veere so equally meritorious, that he second year's efl'ort rendered furher advertising and puffing unnecesary, and tickets for the present May j estival were sold six months iu advance. And the tinappreciative management didn't do a thing but shove heir hat over on tbeir right ear and oftily assume it to be their own work, never speaking to us as they passed by. Alas, how ungrateful are republics and music schools. We dirt not atteud the Vlay festival this year. Not much. Oome to thiuk of it, we never attended one.


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