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MOXTPELIER, May '8. - lhe Democratie state convention for the election of delegates at large to Chicago assembled here Wednesday. The names of Cleveland, Whitney and Russell were cheercd roundly. F. M. McGretty was choson permanent chairman. The platform adopted declares as follows on the money question: "We demand the maintenance of a gold standard oí valué as being for the truc interest of all our people and especially for those who are obliged to Uibor for what they receive, and we are opposed to the free coinage of silver except tinder international agreemeut." Other planks commend the able, patriotie and statesmanlike administration of Grover Cleveland, and especially his brave and timely Venezuelan message; thank Secretary Carlisle for his conscientious and efficiënt management of the treasury department; express sympathy with the Cubans; denounce the Republican protection theory and favor a tarift'-got revenue not fostering trusts, nor necessarily interfering with business interests, anddenoimce the Republican party for fostering the "secret, un-American, cowardly and despicable A. P. A. organization." Nominations for state officers were made as follows: Governor, Dr. J. Henry Jackson, Barre; lieutenant governor, Dr. Ralph Sherwood, St. Albans; treasurer, James H. Williams, Bellows Falls; secretary of state, William W. Riner, Bristol; auditor, E. T. Seaver, North Troy.


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