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How Calamity Howling Hurts

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It is au established fact that a perfectly healthy man can be made to feel symptoms of illness by the assurance of a uumber of persons that he is looking very sick. The influence of the imagination on bcdily health is admitted by all physicians. It is no less certain that the condition of trade and industry dependa largely on the opinions of manufacturera and other eniployers of labor as to the prospects of a gooddemandfor their products. Owners of capital will not in vest in new industries unless they think they will be successful. When the business outlook is doubtful, there is no encouragement to enterprise, and trade and production languish. During fhe past few years a lot of office seeking agitators have been howliug in congress and in calamity newspapers that this great country was on the verge cf ruin for lack of 50 cent silver dollars. In season and out of season have they cried "Hard times!" and ' 'Business stagnation !' ' No matter what the condition of trade might be they have insisted that everything was going to eternal smash unless a free and uulimited coinage law was adopted by congress. They are still keeping up the racket, and are doing their level best to show that the country is practically bankrupt. Even though it is known that the assertions of the silvcrites are unfounded, their constant preaching of blue ruin and despair has liad the result of scaring investors and business inen generally, and thus bringing about some of the evils which it was alleged free silver would cure. It would be difficult to overestimate the widespread injury caused by the senseless clamor of the prophets of gloom who worship the silver pig. If the American people who want good times and permanent prosperity are wise, they will in November bury the calamity wailers so deep tinder sound money votes that they will never again rise tovex the country with


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