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Fiat Shad

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The United States fishery commission distributes annually millions of shad fry, niany of which escape their natural enemies and grow to be marketable f ood fish. It is believed that this process of restccking the rivera is of great service in inaintaining the shad fisheries. Wheu the Populists and silverites get control of the government, they will at once introduce a reform which will save all the expense of propagating the young shad. This will be done by simply printing the words "This is one shad" ou millions of bits of paper, which will be thrown into the rivera. Instead of setting nets, the shad fishers will' then go cut in boats and gatber tip the paper. On presentation at the flsh conimissioner's office each paper will be redeemed in ene boueless shad, produced by a Populist genius who has diacovered a niethcd of crossing the ordinary shad with the hitherto worthless jellyfish. "Fiat fish and no bones" will be the platform of the shadites in the year


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