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A special meeting of the common council was held Monday evening. In the absence of President Hiscock Aid. Coon ocoupied the chair. The nomination by the mayor of Thomas J. Keech and Dr.W. B. Srnith as members of the board of public works was received and unauimously cunfirmed. At this point in the proceedings everybody was ready to go home but a discussion was precipitated whioh held the aldermen in a wrangle until 10 o'clock. Prof. H. B. Hutchins is laying a cement walk in front of his property on Packard st , and was having a curbing put in to prevent his lawn terrace form washing away, wheu the workmen ware stopped by Street Cornmissioner fioss as the curbing was partly on city property. Aid. Cady offered a resolutiou to allow Prof. Hutchins to go on with the work and A. J. Sawyer and Mr. Hutchins spoke to the council about the matter. For the opposition to the work, Ex-Ald. Butterfleld presented a protest signed by soine of the neighboring propprty owners. City Attorney Kearney stated that it would be illegal to grant such a privilege and Aid. Brovv'u also spoke against the legality of thus giving away the city's rights and property. Aid. Soule stated that the conncil had the week previous voted just such privileges to Mr. Brenner at his new hotel, but Aid. Brown could not see any similarity in the two situations. Aid. Dell and Koch next had a turn at the wind mili and the street commissioner added his mite to the whirlwind. Aid. Dauforth was also strongly opposed to the proceedings. When a vote was taken it stood six for and six against and the resolution failed of passage. Prof. Hutchins has abandoned his idea of coping his lawn and will have an 18 inch strip sloped off f rom it.


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