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Sinful Habits In Youth

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P LATER EXCESSES IN MANHOOD 7 K MAKE NERVOUS, DISEASED MEN g ife " ' 1 S T U C DCCHITof ignorance and folly in youth, overexertion of mmd and body 'ndnc-lf = tffrbTas8omoLm?nhoocUwhüeother6are torced todrag out a tmta and Qmelancbolj existence. Otliers reach matrimony but find no solace or comfort ttaere. I h y "victims are found in all stations of liLe:-The farm, the oihoe, the workshop, the pulpit, q W the trades and the prof essions. . S RESTORED TO MANHOOD BY DRS. K. & K. . W.M. A. WALKER. Wm. A. WALKER. MES. CHAS. FEKRY, CHAS. FERRY. . befoee treatment AFTEB TBEATMENT DÍTorced but united again p E-NO ÑAMES 0R TESTIMONIALS USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT.- M I Wm. k. Walker of 16th Street says:-"I have fsuffered QVPWII 1 untold agonies for my "gay life.' 1 wasindiscreet wher. t JlrniLIO yonng and ienorant. As "One of the Boys" i contractedJJ PMIQQION Syphilis and other Private diseases. I had ulcers in th( y E.ITIIOOIUHVJ mouth and throat, bone pains, hair loóse, pimples 01. QTDfT"DF face, finger nails came off, einissions, became thin and. Ol IIIVI Ulii. despondent. Seven doctors treated me with Mercurj.11 f ipcn Potas-h, etc. They helped me but could not cnre rae.lM vIILL Finally a f riend induced me to try Drs.Kennedy fc Kergan B Their New Method Treatment cured me in a few weeks. Their treatment is You feel yourself gaining every day. I have never heard of their faümg to cure m a singlej CaSe" ï-CURES GUARANTEED OR MONEY REFUNDED KCapt. Chas. Ferry says:- "I owe my life Drs. K. & K. tmj,rkr-rw-Kl K At 14 I learned a bad habit. At 21 1 had the symptpms IMPOTENCY a O.f Seminal Weakness and Spermatorrhcea, Emiesions l,.rilonnri rfl IJJwfire draining and weakening my vitahty. I married at V AKICUU fc.Lt ÍJ IJ724 under advice of my family doctor, bnt ït was a ■ ninninkic N IKsad experipnce. In eighteen months we were divorced. I tlV! I bb I U l O 2 liSthen consulted Drs. K. & K., who restored rne to manhood mPn ■■ lby their TVetc Method Trentment. Ifeltanew hfe thrülthrongh OUKtU H Iflmy nerves. We were united again and are harjpy. Thie iwas - - U "six years ago. Drs. K. & K. are scientific specialists and I heartüy recommend them." n ■n . Ia pSWe treat and cure Varicocele, Emissions, Nervous Debility, Seminal V&Weakness, Gleet, Stricture, Syphilis, Unnatural Discharges, SAbuse I Kidney and Bladder Diseases. A M 17 YEARS IN DETROIT. 200,000 CURED. NO RISK QDCAnCD I Areyoua victim? Have you lost hope? Are you contemplating mar-JJ fjjr trLC.ri : riage? Has your Blood been diseased? Have you any weakness? Uui IK New Method Treatment will cui e vou. What it lias done for otners it will do for you [íicONSULTATION FREE. No mntter who has treated you. write for an bonest opinión Free lof Charge. Charges reasonable. BOOKS FREE- "The Golden Monitor" (ülustrated) orfl [fl Diseases of Men. Inclose postag-e, 2 cents. Sealed. U K WNO ÑAMES USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. PRI-D VATE io medicine sent C O. D. Nonames on box-s or envel-JJ Sones Fverythlngoonfldentlal. Questlon list and cost of Treat-C Sment, FREE. pDRS. KENNEDY & KERGAH1ndoè!?SSWcS{ & R s 8K2ORS-CK=DRSK&K=öRS-KatK Pi S


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