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They Want Divorces

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Lena M. Sweot, of the township of Superior, has íiled a bilí íor divorce in the circuit oonrt against her husband, Robert S. Sweet, of the same towDsüip, on the gronud of desertion and nou-snpport. The bilí states that the maiden ñame of complainant was Lena May G-orslin and that she was married to Sweet iu Ootober, 1888, by Rev. Robert Eip. It also states that for years past Sweet has not contributed anything to her support althongh amply able to earn a livelihood for both of theiii, and thafc for muoh of the time the couple lived together the parents of the oratrix had to provkle them with food and clothing. The bilí also avers that Sweet is lozy and will not work aud that he niakes life a burden to her by his jealousy. The complainant asks for a divoroe on these grounds with a sufflcieut sr.m for solicitor's fees, etc. Martin ,T. Cavanaugh is the attorney for Mrs. Sweot. The conple at one time lived in this city and the remembrauce of tbe "sweet" orchestra which played at the opera house one wiuter under his direction is still fresh in the minds of theater goers. Mrs. Belle Ferguson, of Ypsilanti, has also filed a bilí for divorce in the circuit oourt against her husband, Fred Ferguson on the grounds of desertion and non-support. The couple were married by Rev. Mr. Mili, at Brooklyn, Micb., Dec. 29, 1887, and lived together uatil April J, 1892, when he deserted ber. She also asks for alimony and expenses. Charles N. Nye, of Salem, has entered suit in the cirouit court for a divorce from his wife, Susie M. Nye, she having lived apart from him for two years. The couple have oue child, a daughter 21 years of age. Iq his bilí the complainaut charges his wif9 with desertiou and cruelty and states that his iuother-in-law is unbearable. Win, Popkins, of Aun Arbor town, is another appiloant to the circnit court for a divorce from his wife, Nora S. Popkins. The conple were íuairied at Olivet, iu 1892 by Rev. Estabrook, Mrs.Popkius' maiden name beiug Nora tí. Shertlieff. He asks for a divorce from her on the grouud of ornelty, desertion aud excessively abusive lauguage. He. says that when they were married, in order to obtain a living he rented a 200 acie farm lo cnlrivate which he had to hire help and board theiu. His wife has objected to cookmg the meáis for him and them aud ñ'u-ally on Jnne 4 last deserted him taking with her all her belougiups and also some thincs that did not beloug to her. The conple have no children.


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