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Economy Again Comes Knocking At Your Door!

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ATTRACTIONS ÜP AND PRICES DOWN IN FOOTWEAR! Light, Cool, Correct, Comfortable, High Quality and Low Priced Shoes. apfjQC 17 Q VlMNin WASHINGTON BLOCK, WASHINGTON STREET. Ladies' $5.00 Twentieth Century Ox Blood Ladies' Dongola Juliet Shoe, patent trimmed Ladies' $2.25 Low Button Oxfords, black, Russia Leather Lace Shoe, razor toe, Ladies' $4.00 Vici Kid, Chocolate Colored razor toe, narrow toe, ' $4 49 Shoes, button or lace, Tokio toe, qq QQ d1 OQ Ladies' $5.00 Vici Kid Tan Shoes, button, 1 Q i_ Q Ladies' $3.50 Patent Leather Cloth Top OxLadies' $2.50 Dongola Oxfords, clothor new round toe, jsö?3 JLy fords, narrow toe, kid tops, razor or narrow square toes. $3.99. ' $2.99. $2.19. Sh?r'8rao"r'toeFrenOh " LL""1""' Men's 6. 00 and $5.60 Colorad Lak Shóes, Men's Í5.00 Colored Shoes, lace, Vici or Men's $3.00 Kussia LeMher Lace Shoeí, in Vici, or Russia leather, all newest shades Russia, latest shades and toes, square and narrow toes, $4.89. and stJles of toes j4 .Q dO QQ Men's $6.00 French Patent Leather Lace - - gg Shoes, square toe, RtI CJ Men's $4.00 Russia Leather Lace Shoes, Men's $4.00 White Canvas Lace Shoes or Í5A QQ ' N razor toes, . Oxford Ties, narrow toe, P. S.-This inclucles Our Entire Stock öf Patent Leathere. P. S.- This Includes Our Elltire Stock of Colors. , ipJ.y. töJ.Oy. Bo.'s $2.50 Russia Tan Lace Shoe, narrow toe, " Ladies' Jersey Bicycle Leggins, black, blue and brow, PJ-ÖÖ. and Youths' Shoes, in all the Latest Styles 89C. Youths' $2.25 Russia Tan Lace Shoes, narrow toe, and Shades, included in this Great Cut Of Canvas Bicycle Leggins, black and tan, $1.89. Prices44c. ÏACOR át Áí I MAMH Note our only address in %J JT%,KJ LIÜ b Xk 1_ Ll ? 11 ( U% Note our only address in Ann Arbor: 7 Ann Arbor: Washington plock. Washington P)ock5 Washinqtors plock. %H0 Washington Streei3 Ayy Arhor, Mich. @


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