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Value Of Gold Bullion

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Frank Campbell, postmaster of American Falls, Idaho, in renewing his snbscription to the Argus foi auother year writes as iollows. Mr. Campbell is evidently a close reader o: its columns: "American Falls, Idaho, May 26, 1896. "Ann Arbor Argns, Ann Arbor: ''Gentlemen, - Laying on my desk I notice the U. S. Mint reply to L. Grnner. The reply won ld have showu abetter knowledge of bullion valnes had it stated that the valae of gold bullion is fixed by law, and is always interchangeable for coin at the mint valuatiou. The rnoney value of gold bullion could be raised at any time by legislatioa. For instance: Shonld England and France open their mints to free coinage of gold at a higher money valnation than our mint valuatiou, all gold bulion would flovv to those mints for conversión into money, also the American coined gold woald be recoined at the French and English mints. Therefore the claim of intrinsio valne is misleading. Tbe money vahie of gold bnlliou is arbitrarily flsed by law. Therefore if by law the English and French would recoin oneofonr $20 pieces and return to the owner $22 in money it woald certainly follow that our gold coin would be raised in value accordingly. "To those who believe in haring one dollar just as good as auother, it would be interesting for the mint to quote the value of a paper dollar when mutilated or destroyed. "Money is the leading political questiou of the day. Therefore let us have all the information possible. "Ttfisnfintfnllv.


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