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Washington, June 11.- When the íiouse reconveued at 10 o'olock Wednesday nioruíng, still in continuation of the leglslafcive day of Saturday, the general feeling was that congress would reach a final adjournment by night. Notwithstanding this fact there seemed to be little public interest in the proceedings. There were a few strangers in the public galleries, but the reserved galleries were empty. About noon 100 members were on the floor. Toward noon the attendance on the door and in the galleries increased and the members besieged the speaker at every opportunity for recoguition. W'ith seventy-flve or eighty members in the arena in front of of the speaker's desk clamoring with uplifted arms the house resembled nothiug so much as a wheat pit during a semipanic. Bills were passed for the protection oí che forest reservation f rom flre; to make Santa Barbara, Cal., a sub-port of entry; toauthorizo the establishment of a lifesaving station on the Massachusetts coast between the Hampton and Merrimao riv3rs; to direct the secretary of war to improve the roads in Gettysburg Military park; to make Erie, Pa., a port of immediate transportation. Allen .Malas a Funny Speech, During the consideración of a resolutiou to print 10,000 copies of the bankruptcy bill, Allen of Mississippi, the wit of the house, got the floor and delivered a humorous speech which convulsed the house with laughter. He satirized the political situation and made some veiled thrusts at some of the presidential candidates which appeared to tickle the members immensely. This was the first time Allen's voice had been heard this session, and he began by referring to the "universal criticism" of his silence. "I desire to say, however," said he, "that there has been little at this session of congress to inspire a Christian man to be loquacious. [Laughter.] Aud I want to say further that I am not the only great statesman whose recent career has been distinguished by his silence. [Benewed laughter. ] The house passed the bill appropriating $200,000 for a government exhibit at the Omaha exhibition of 1898. The senate has passed the contempt of court bill without a división.


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