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Cbmmissioner's Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Waehtenaw. The undersigned having been appointed by the Probate Court for sala County, CommissiouerB to reeeive, examine and adjust all claims and demands of all persons against the estáte of HODOra Burns, late of said couuty, deeeased, herebjr glve notice tbat six months from date ure allowed, byorderoffaid Probate Gourt, for credi tors to present theirclalma againstthe estáte ofeaid deeeaaed, and that they will meet at the store of Williiuu II. Melntyre, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county, on the 2öth day of June and on the 25th day of September next, at ten o'clock a. m. of eacli of said day, to receive, examine and adjust said claims. Dated, Jlarch :5, 1898. WM. H. MoINTYHE, JOHN KEBSS, Commissioners. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT HAVING BEEN MADE IN THE conditions of a certain niortgage beartng date the 4th day of April, 189;i, made by Ctnuies H. Leonard to Patrlck Grogan and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds of Washtenaw County, Michigan, In Liber 82, of Mortgages on Page 323, on the 7th day of April, KS.l, on whlch mortgage there is clainied to be due at the date of thla notice the sum of eliiht hundred and fortynine dollara and six ty cents and nosuitorproc eeding at law or in equity having been instltuted to recover the money secureü by said mortgage or any part thereof. Now, therefore, by virtue of the power of sale, contained In said mortgage and thestatutein such case provided, notice is hereby given that on Saturday, the llth day of July, 1896, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, there will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder at the eaet front door of the court house, in the City of Ann Arbor, that being the place of bolding the Circuit Court for said County. the premises described ia said mortgage, or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the amount due on said mortgage and the expenses of this foreclosure provided for by law The prenilses to be eold are described as follows: The north-east quarter nf the south-east quarter of sectiou nine in the towuship of Northlield, Washtenaw County, Uien. Dated, April 16, 1898. PATRICK GROGAN, Thompson & Harriman, lortgagee. Attornevs for Mortgagee. Chancery Notice. THE TWENTY-SECOND JUDICIAL CIRcult for the State of Michigan. In the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, in Chancery. Ella Harrington, complainant, va. Charlea F. Harrinprtou, defendant. It satisfactorily appearinfr to me by alfldavit that tbe defendant. Charles F. Harrington, is a non-resident of this state and that he resides in the State of South Dakota: On motion of E. B. Norris, of counsel for complainant, ordered that defendant do cause his appearance In this cause to be entered withln four months from the date of this order; that in default thereof the bill of complaint which is Bied in this cause be takon as confessed by the defendanti It is furthpr nr dered that tbo t;.'niii;tinant do ausi thld order to be perso; ai'y sei"ved or du!y pub' Ii8hed pursu1 ii t 'o i, . Dato '1, .' i A . ju., May 9th. 1896. E. B. I-.O1: is. E. D. KINNE. Solloit'.f fur Complainant. Circuit Judge. A truo copy.] ANSiNOBUKQ, Register. In Chancery. STATE OF MICHIGAN, TWENTY-SECOND Judicial Circuit, in Chancery. Suit pending in tbe Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw in Chancery. Alice G. yhennau, oomplaloant, vs. Isaac E Shermau, defendant. In this cause II appearlng thatdtfendant, Isaac E Sherinan. is a non-resident of this state and isa resident of the State of Florida, therefore, on motion of Thompson Sc lhiiTinvin, BOllcltora (or the complainant, it Is ordered, that defendant enter his appearanee in said eourt on or before four months from the date of this order, and tbat wit hui twenty days the eomplHinant cause this order to be published in the Ann Arbor Argus, said publlcatlon to be continued once in each week for 8ix weeks in succession. Dated April 11, 1896. E. D. KINNE, Thompson & Harrihan, Circuit Judge. Sollcitors for Complainant. Estáte of Agur Taylor. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Washtekaw, 88. At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the City of Ann Arbor, on Saturday, the 16th day of May, in the year one thousand eight hundred and mnety-six. Present. J. Willard Babbitt, Judge of Probate. In the matter ol the estáte of Agur Taylor, deceaaed. Elizabetb Ann Tavlor, executrix of the last will and testament of said dec-ased. corner into court and representa that she is now prepared to render her flnal account aa such executrix. Thereupou it is ordered that Tuesday, the 16th day ot June, next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for examining and allowing such account, and that the devisees, légateos and heira at law of waid deceased, and all other persons interested in said Btate, are required to appear at a seu-ion of said court, then to be holden it the Probate office, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county, and show cause, ïf any there be, why the said account should uot be allowed. And II is further ordered, that said executrix give notice to the persous interested in said estáte of the pendency of said account, and the hearing thereof, by causing a oopy of this order to be published in the AnnArbor AitouH,a newapaper pxinted and cii culating in said county, three auccessive weeks previous to uaid dav of henring. J. WII.LABD HA ItBITT, ( A true copy. ) Judge of Probate. WILLIAM (i. Doty. Probate Keffister. Notice to Creditors. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, COÜNTT of Washtenaw , es. Notice ia hereby }rien, that by an order of the Probate Court for tbe Countv of Wanhtenaw, made on the 27th day of Ayril A. D. 1896, six months trom that date were allowed for creditojsto present their claims against the estáte of Milo Clirk, late of said county, deceaned, and that all creditor of said deceased aie required to present thelr claims to said Probate Court, at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, for examination and allowance, on or before the 27th day' of Octoher next, and that such claims will be heard before said court, on the 27th day of July, and on the 27th day of October next, at ten oVlock in tnn forenoon ofeach of said days. Dated. Ann Arbor, April 27, A. D. 896. ]. WILLARD ItABBITT, Judie of Probate.


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