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Mrs. A. J. Walker left last Monday for a six weeks' visit in the east. Mrs. MoManus, of Chicago, is the guest of Edward Duffy and family. Judge Kinne started in with the Juue term of court at Monroe, Monday. Miss Lizzie Parsons has gone to Salvation Army headquarters in Detroit. B. Covert has gone to St. Louis, Mo.,where lie has secured employment. Rev. R. M. Beach officiated at Christ's church, Stookbridge, last Sunday. J. S. Gillespie has gone to his old home at Caro for a few days on business. School Comtnissioner Wedemeyer was in Mooreville Satnrday on sohool business. Miss Minnie Wells has gone to Chicago, Lafayette and Michigan Centre to visit friends. Mrs. Louise G-ott Miner and son, of Chicago, are visiting Mrs. Julia Pitkin, of S. Fifth ave. M. T. Crawford, of Detroit, and Richard Rúen, of Howell, spent Suuday ■with Dr. Wessinger. Roger Sherrnan.of Chicago, and Fred Ducharme, of Detroit, were the guests of friends in the city Sunday. Hon. Alphevts Felch has again been elected president of the Miohigau Pioneer and Historical Society. Dr. A. H. Johnson left for Portland, Ore., last Friday and will take up his permanent re.sidence in that city. W Eugene K. Frueauff, of the Owosso Argas, was in the oity over Sunday. He greatly enjoys his Owosso work. Mrs. C. H. Richmond, of Chicago, is visiting Miss Mary Clements and other friends in the city for a few days. Chas. Wild, of Charlotte, is visiting relativos in Ann Arbor and the county. Mr. Wild was a resident of Anu Arbor in 1833. Miss Alice Huut, teacher of drawing in the high school, will sail for Burope tomorrow, where she will spend the slimmer. Hon. Alpheus Felch is serionsly sick at hifi home on State st. , so much so that his family re alarmed about his coudition. Mrs. Nora Murray, nee Shanahan, of Saginaw, has been in the city visiting her cousin, Mrs. Julia A. Moe and other friends. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Schairer arrived home Saturday from a visit with their children in West Point, Neb., of almost a year's duration, Miss Minnie Caldwell will give an organ recital in a few weeks, assisted by E. N. Bilbie, violinist, and Miss Minnie Davis, pianist. County Clerk Dansingbnrg attended the meeting of the great camp K. O. T. M., at Saginaw, this week, as the delégate from the tent at Stony Creek. F.A. Voorheis, who is suffering with consumption, is said to be greatly imdroved in health sinoe he began taking Dr. Vaughau's consumption cure tieatment. Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Conrad, accompauied by Miss Flora B. Foster, of Albion, left Monday for a four weeks' visit with their son, E. B. Conrad, of New York city. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Granger are in Pittsburg, Pa., attending the annnal meeting of the National Association of Dancing M asters, and pickingup new ideas for nest season. Leonbard Gruuer and son Leo visited Mr. Gruner's fatber, Philip Grnner, of Lima, last Snuday. They also visited Mr. Gruuer's nephew, Theodore Wedemeyer acd family. Pred Hubn's two sons Charles and Rudolph, have returned home from the ■ institution for the deaf aud dumb at Mint and will spend the summer holidays with their paren ts. George J. Halier, formerly witb the Washtenaw Evening Times, is uow counected with the '"Headlight, " the illustrated publicaiton which makes a speoialty of priuting souvenir editions for oities and towns in Michiagn. The Aun Arbor edition of "Headlight" will appear uext week. Prof. M. W. Hanington, of Seattle, "Wash., president of the University of WashiDgton, was in the city the Jatter part of last week, visiting relativos and shaking hands with old friends and aoquaintances. He left for the East Monday morning, bnt will return to Ann Arbor for comniencement. Dr. P. C. Freer with a party of geutlemen will leave here the middle of August for Michipocoton river, on the north shore of Lake Superior, where tbey will embark in canoes and with the aid of a guide will work their way np iuto Moose Lake. The trip will ocoupy about six weeks, giving plenty of time to fish and buut along the river. Mrs. HeDry C. Walker, of Ingalls fit., left Mouday to attend the commencement exercises of Audover seimnary, Massachusptts. Mrs. Wulker's sou Ilenry giaduntes in the seminar? this week. For yood soaularrhip, he has been awarded a fplnhip in Europe. On July 1(), he will marry au eustern lady and will at onoe leave fur Europe where he will spend two years in theological studies. Prof. F. M. Hamilton left for Bncy rus O., Wednesday mormng for a short visit. Mrs. Hamilton is already there. Misa M. Elen Clarken will teaoh the harp at St. Thomas Conservatory of Musio next jear. Another teacher has also been added to the faonlty. Mrs. C. B. Naucrede, Mrs. George S Morris and several other Episcopa ladies attended the meeting of the Woman's Aaxiliary at Eruanuel ohurch in Detroit, Tuesday. Rev. Henry Tatlock, George H. Pond aad fl. J. Brown have been in Detroit atteuding the annual convention of the diocese of Michigan of the Episoopal church sinoe Wednesday morning. Mr. John W. Ferdon, son of Mr. aud Mrs. John W. Perdon, of this city, was married in St. Paul, Minn., June 3, to Miss Mary Lncy Andrews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Cocker. Among those who attended the wedding were Mrs. Ferdon aud Mrs. Mary Day,of this city. J. F. Dignan, traveling auditor of the Aun Arbor Railroad is in the city checking out K. S. Greenwood as agent for the company here. E. S. Gilmore will be the new agent and Mr. Greenwood assumes his new duties as Michigan passenger agent of the VVabash on Monday. Success to you, Ransford.


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