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Dr. A. S. Warthin sailed Wednesday for Europe. D. M. Ferry, tbe seedman, of De fcoit, has donated $1,000 to the wom an's gymnasium fund. Mrs. J. B. Angelí will entertain the Woman's League at her home tonior row afternoon from 4 to 6 o'clock. The valnablc philosophical library of the late Professor Morris has been presented to the University library. In a slaok, listless game of basebal at the athletic field last Saturday, the U. of M. team defeated the Toronto boys by score of 13 to 8. In a rooky game of base ball yester day afternoon, at the athletic field, tbe U. of M. boys were defeated in tbe fifth and final game for the western championship, bv tbe Chicagos, the score standing 9 to 5. The third edition of the book by Dr. Vangban and Dr. Novy on "Ptomains, Leuoomains, Toxins and Autitoxins : The Chemical Factors in the Causation of Disease, " has just been pnblished by Lea Brothers & Cu., Philadelphia and New York. This work is recognized as a leading authority in regard to poisons. Mrs. I. C. Russell gave a lawn fete to the Woman's League at her home on Hill street Friday atfernoon which was a most pleasant and eujoyable affair. A petition to Mrs. Angelí was read by Miss Stickney askiug that she would permit the auditorium in the new womaa's building to be called the Sarah Caswell Angelí hall. The permission was granted by Mrs. Angelí in a neat speech thaukiug the ladies for the honor conferred. The spring field day at the athletic field, Friday afteruoon was very slitnly attended. The cnmpetition in the different events was close and more even than on any previeras occasion. Two University records were broken, Panl Vernor doing 5 feet 10 inches in the high jump, aud C. T. Tyron 10 feet 3 inches in the pole vault. Dnncan Staart, Ed. dePont aud George St. Clair each made ten points, and won for the class of '9fi the silver trophy cup for the fourth consecutivo time.


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