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Masonic Wheelmen

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Golden Rule and Fraternity Lodges, F. & A. M., pleasantly entertained about 50 of the meinbers of Palestiue Lodfif, F. & A. M., of Detroit, together with party of ladies who aocompaned theiij, for au hour aad a half last Supday inorning. The party left Detroit at n on on Saturday, the gentlemen and f.jur of the ladies of the party wheeling it out to Ypsilanti, one lady rode on horseback, while the rest of the ladies rode in an ambulance which aooompanied the party. They stopped twice on the road to rest and refrésh thernselves, once at the farmhouseTof an oíd Masón at Dearborn, who fed them with doughnnts and milk, nest at Wayne where they were regaled with strawberries and cream, cold meats and coffee. Arrived at Ypsilanti they had supper at the Hawkins house and in the evening were banqueted by the members of the craft in that city. They rémaiued in Ypsilanti all night and Sunday mornmg the party took the motor cars for Ann Arbor arriving here at about 10:30 o'clock. They were met at the janction by a party of Golden Rule and Fraternity men who escorted them to the Masonic temple, where they were served with ice cream, cake aad emonade. After a few welcoming remarks by H. B. Dodsley, W. M., vhich were responded to by Charles 3. Kowe, inaster of Palestine lodge, brief speeches were made by Messrs. Pitts, )ick, Pray, Robinson, Oldfield and Baydell, of Detroit, and' W. W. Watts. The party was then taken for a ride around the city on two special cars. At hejunctiou, wihch was reached sbortly af ter 12, the Detroit boys gave three cheers for the Arm Arbor lodges who ïad so unexpectedly entertained them. t was a very pleasant and enjoyable visit' of which there sbould be more han there are. Part of the pleasures of the Detroiters' trip was spoiled by he heavy rain of Sunday afternoou vhich compelled theiu to take a special ar over the Michigan Central to get loine. They were enthusiastic over heir trip, however, deelariug that the run had been full of unexpected snrsrises aud oordiality. One of the genlemen riders, J. H. Pray, weigbed 246 )onnds. At a meeting oí the School Board ield last evening, the blds for building tifoe four-room addition to the 3d Avard school were opened, and the Joto let to Fred C. Weinberg, who was t!be lowest bidden. The contract price is $4,288, which does not include the beating apparatuS or the Beats. Subordínate División No. TG, Kniglils of the Loyal Guard, was organízed last night at Seyler hall, and the Lollowing officers elected: Captain General, Herman O. Walters; Senior Captain, Edwin A. Wells; .lunior Captain, Clyde C. Kerr; Recorder, liarry E. Parr; Paymaster, Fred H. Schall; Senior Lieutenant, Chas. L. Petroit; Junior Lieutenant, John Ilafer; Sergeants, G. F. Allmeudinger and Marvin E. Davenport; Sentinel, F. H. Ticlinor; Chaplain, John J. Ferguson; Board of Auditors, Jolin M. Martin, Bruno St. James, Wni. B. Taylor. It was agreed to keep the charter open and meet again at Seyler hall on Thursday night of next week.