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A. J. Kitson is building &;iïew cottage on First st. The university sumrner school Wïll open one week from Monday. Jacob B. Dingman, of this city, has been granted an increase of pension. It is expeoted that the attend anee at the nniversity sumnier school will this year reach 40 0. Services will be held in the Geddes schoolhouse on Sunday afternoon at 3. o'clock by Rev. Henry Tatlock. At the Ypsilanti Wheelmen's bicycle meet in August, $1,000 will be hung tip in prlzes with $100 prizes for professional races. C. H. Van Tyne, a senior lit student, and Miss Belle Joslyn were married at Ohesaning, Friday evening. They sailed for Bnrope, Wednesday. Charles H. Warner, of Desroit, president of the Germamj Workingmen's society of the state, will deliver an address in Germán at Relief Park, July 4. Bom, Thursday, June 18, to Mr. ánd Mrs. Edward Taylor, ot Muskegon, a daughter. Mrs. Taylbr was formerly Miss Lee Cowan, of this city. Cards are out ahnouncing the wedding next Tuesday evening at 7 :30 o'clock, at 48 E. Washington st. , of Mr. G. Adolph Hoffstetter and Miss Sophia M. Schneider. A change of time took place on the Michigan Central Sunday: Train No. 10 now leaves Ann Arbor at 4:58 p. m. ; No. 14. át 10:17 p. m. ; traini No. 7 at 9 :50 p. m. ; No. 'ál at 12 :15 p. m. Thomas Kaster and Fred Williams, of Ypsilanti, claim to have made the distance between Congress st, Ypsilanti, and the oourt house, Ann Arbor and back in 50 minutes, 30 seconds on their bicycles. Over half a ton of clothing, donated by our citizens for the cyclone sufferers of Oakland county, has been boxed up and shipped by O. M. Martin. Among the lot were eight new suits of clothes tiven by Wadhams, Ryan & Reule. Edward H. Waples has resignad the position of editor and manager of the A.nn Arbor Detnocrat to go into aorue aewspaper work of his own. His place du the1 Demoorat will be filled by Dharles A. Ward, ex-street cornmissioner. Mrs. Barbara Conrath, widow of the late Charles Conrath, died at thR home of her dauhter, Mrs. Elizabeth Henry, iB Church st., Saturday afternoon, aged 73 years. 9 moDths and ö days. The funeral services were held at the house Monday afternoon at 4 o'nlock and the rernains were interred in Forest Hill cemetery. Mrs. Caroline Cotant's house at 48 S. Twelfth st., name near goiDg np in flarues Thursday evening of last week throngh the explosión of the oil in the tank of a gasoline stove. The fiie spread to a can containing four gallons of gasoline and it too exploded. The whole room was at once in flames whicb spread rapidly to the main part of the building. Prompt work on the part of the fire department saved the house with a loss of about $300, fully insured. Two voung men named Bradley anc Auderson, who are making a trip from New Yoik to San Francisco, earning their way thither by polishing shoes were in Ann Arbor, Saturday, with their shoe cleaning outfits slung across their shoulders. ' They starled from New York, June 4, and are to put in an appearance at San Francisco, August 1, after earning $150 doring tha periou. ïhe young fellows were neatly dressed in golfing suits and looked wel and hearty. The third annual conferenoe of health officers of Michigan -will be held in Ann Arbor, July 16-1?. Among the papers to be read are: "Toxins and anti-toxins," Prof. F. G. Novy. of the ü. of M ; "Bacterial poison in milk and mi Ik products," Prof. Víctor C Vaughan, of the U. of M. ; "Infantile mortality and its causes," Henry B. Baker, secretary of the state board of health ; "Milk supplies of large cities," Samuel P. Duffièld, óf Detroit; "Pasturization of milk," Prpf. Clinton B. Smith, of the M. A. C. Buffalo Bill's Wild West show will be in this city Monday, August 3. Tbe Katherine Building society bas declared its usual 1 % per cent quarterly dividend. A coanty conference of the National party will be held at the court house, in Ann Arbor, on Monday, June 29, at 2 p. in. The children of the Loyal Temperance Legión will have a picnic next Tuesday at the home of J. B. Steere in Pittsfield. Dr. W. B. Smith's residence on E. Huron at, loofes quite bright in its new dress of white paint with green window blinds. Beginning next. Sunday morning and contiuuing through the surumer, the flrst mass at the St. Thomas' church will be at 7:30 and the secoud at 10. a. in. The announcement is made of the engagement of Mr. James H. Prentiss, lit '96, and Miss Edith Noble, daughter of Mrs. A. L. Noble, of B. División streef. One of the piston rods on the motor f rom Ypsilanti broke Wednesday morning and a load of passengers had to walk the last two or three miles into the city. Cards are out announcing the wedding of Mr. J. B. Bnllis. of Washtenaw ave., and Miss Anna E. Wetmore, of W. Huron st. The ceremony will take place Tuesday. Those oonnected with milling plants along the Huron say that there is more water in the river now than at any corresponding time in the past six or seven yeais. - Dexter Leader. A young lady at a recent church social in Ann Arbor, propounded this conundrum : "What sort of underwear did Adam and Eve wear?" The answer given was: "Nit. " - Courier. The G-irls' Friendly Society entertainment at Harris hall Saturday evening, was very slimly attended although it was one of the nicest little entertainments given in Ann Arbor in a long time. Mrs. Jennie Lewis, wife of Ed. Lewis, of this city, died Thursday of last week while visiting her mother in Jackson. Her remains were brought here Saturday and interred in the Fifth ward cemetery. Next Friday, July 8, is the anniversary of Gettysbur& and on that day the survivors of the bid Seventh Michigan Cavalry will hold a reunión in Ann Aibjr. Capt. J. Q. A. Sessions is secretary of the associátion. Mrs: Olivia B. Hall is having two elegant mantels put into her new house on Volland st, by "J. F. Schuh. He is also doing the plumbing on the bath room of Walter Dancer's house on Spring st. , which is being remodeled. C. C. Ferrell, the law student who was implicated with Charles L. Eddy ia. doing Joe Parker out of a large sum of money a couple of weeks ago, had bis trial before Justice Gibson Mouday morning and paid a fine of %5 and the oosts of the trial. Tbe following are the new officers of the Ann Arbor High Sohool Alumni Association : President, W. W. Wedemeyer, ; vice president, Mrs. Lulu Downs ; treasurer, Cari F. Brown ; corresponding secretary, Miss EllaBennett, executive committee, Earle Dow, Miss Charlotte H. Walker and Gtlenu Trowbrldge. The National party will hold a mass convention July 3 and 4, at the Star Theatre, Lansing, beginning on the 3d at 2 p. m. Mrs. Helen M. GouRar, f Indiana, will address the convention n the evening. The object of the 'ational party is to protect the intern sts of the rnasses from the greed of he classes, and all interested in the anse are urged to be present. Rev. Eruest Dennen, who recently raduated from the Episcopal theologcal school, in Cambridge, Mass., and s nuw one of the clergy of St. tephen's church, Boston, will hold ervioes in the schoolhouse at Foster's, n Sunday afternonn at 3 o'olock. While a student at the U. of M., Mr. Dennen had charge of the St. Andrew's nission Sunday school at Foster's. It would be a good idea for Ypsilanti nerohants to raise their awninga a ittle higber or Ypsilanti roilliners to rim their hats a little lower. Collisions )etween the two are frequent and unjleasant, and have a crushing effect ipon both hats and wearers. - Ypsiantian. Same thing here, although not so bad as it used to be before the marshal ordered the awnings raised a trifle. The good work of $100 sub scriptions to the building fund of the Young Men's Christian Association still goes on. Ou Friday Dr. W. F. Breakey gave his check for $100. On Saturday, b. W. Wagner, president of the assooiati'on. aaded his $100 gift. On Monday Henry Bichards, the coal dealer, threw his $100 check into the treasury. Ou Tuesday Dr. C. G. Dariing handed in his check for $100. On Weduesday Win. Wagner made a donatiou of i$250 to the rapidly growiug fnnd. Yesterday Supt. W. S. Perry gave $100 and the total amount of the building fund now amounts to $1,700. Ou Tuesday and Wednesday of last ■moot thn ninsint? exerises of the fifth ward school were held iu the first grade room under the direction of the principal Miss jflatie Goodale and the teachers the Aliases Jennette L. West and Aoua L. Clinton . During the year liss Goodale has iotrodced some new and intersting methods of work amoDg her young charges and the results have proved very satisfactory. The residente of the north side are justly proud of the work done in thir ward sohool. The whole exhibit of work done veas very fine and shows wbat little minds can do when under the instruction of such eamest, faithful teachers as the fifth ward school posBesses. J. F. Schuh has greatly improvei the interior of bis store, 23 E. Washington st., and is filling it up with a large stock of mantels and gas fixtures. The report of Deputy County Treasurer Lehman shows that the total amount of liquot taxes collected in the county, amounts to syö.oiö - seventy saloons at $500 and flve ruanufactories at $65. Mrs. James. B. Augell was presented with a large ent glass punch bowl by the faculty ladies on Tuesday in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the coming of the President and his wife to the university. Mr. Charles F. Dietas and Miss Myra B. Lewis were married Wedncsday last at the home of the bride's parents in Metamora, Mioi. They will take up their residence at 485 Adarus st. , west, Chicago. Success go with them. On Sunday next Ann Arbor Commandery, No. 13, K. T., will observe St. John's Day in Ypsilanti. They will take the 4 p. ru. motor to that city and will then march to St. Luke's church, where services will be held and an appropriate address delivered to them by Rev. Wm. Gardam. The Ann Arbor Elks have received invitations to play baseball at Jackson, .Tuly 4, also at Colurobus, Toledo and Cleveland, O., as their friends in these several cities are particularly pleased with their style of playing ball. They expeet tp,accept the Jackson invitation and play ball there July 4. The new St. James hotel was formally opened to the public on T.Ujeeday. Landlord Shetterly has got the house newly furnished with iron bedsteads and handsome patterns in oak furniture, the best grades of carpets, linen, mattresses,etc, and no pains will be spared to make it a model $1.50 a day house. W. F. Hansen, who stole f200 from the Eberbach Drug and Chemical Co., is under arrest in Montreal, Canada. Hansen arrived there a few days ago in a state of utter "bust uppedness" and it is said attempted to commit suicide. This was prevented and he told the story of his wrong doing to tbe officers who telegraphed here for particulars and instructions. The authorities telég'raphed back to hold him as he was wanted. The Michigan Central freight warehouse was the scène of a small blaze Monday night. As the night yardman was passing the warehouse about 11 o'olock, be saw a light and going inside he found that some acid had leaked from a lot of chemical bottles, presumably empty, which, packed in boxes were standing in the middle of the room. He called up the fire department and the blaze was soon extinguished. Had he not seen it a disastrous fire might have resulted as the warehouse was full of goods. The Upa Phi sorority is neither very large in the number or size of its ruembers, but it has just snown what can i be accomplished by even children when they put forth their energies for a wotthy object. Tbe sorority is cemposed of the following pupils of the fourth and fifth grades of the city schools: Miss Beth Cooley, president; the Misses Margaret Cooley, Kathleen Cutting, Bessie Eggert, Gretchen Lydecker and Rose Carhart. They wanted to help forward the woman's building fund so that Regent Barbour's offer of that extra $1,000 conld be secured, so on Saturday afternoon the young enthusiasts produced thfi "Merchant of Venice Siruplified" to an appreciative audience. The tickets to the play were two cents eafih and three cents extra for reserved seats. The theatre was the laundry room in John H. Outting's residence and the net proceds of the entertainment, $1.53, was duly handed over to the treasarer of the university for the benefit of the woman's building fund.