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Co. A At Whitmore Lake

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Tomorrow, Co. A, of this city aud Co. B, of Adrián and Becker's Light Infantry Band will go into camp at Whitmore Lake, in a field abont )í mile west of the Lake House. The tents will be pitohed in a 10-acre field and will be shaded in the afternoon by a large woods, thus rnaking it a very nioe place for the boys after a hot drill in the open field. Co. B will arrive at 7 :38 a. m. and the Light Infantry and band will meet them at the depot, after which Major Seymour Howell, of Adrián, will assume command. Upon arriving at the Lake the battalion will get off at the road beyond the depot and march into camp and after getting settled eaoh oompany will put on a guard mount, followed by a short battalion drill. Mess call will be sounded at 11:30 and the boys will be marched to the hotels for dinner. Co. A will quarter at the Clifton House and Co. B and the Light Infantry Band at the Lake House. At 2 :30 p. m. there will be an extended order drill with blank aminaI nition. Recall at 3 :30. Mess cali 5. At 6 :30 the men will fall in for dress parade, Co. A wiJl be divided into two companies, Capt. Granger coraruanding Co. A and Lient. Wakers commauding Co. C. Cu. B will be divided also, Capt. Halioway commanding Co. B, and Lient. Bond commanding Co. D. The staff will be Maj. Howell, oommander; Maj. Belser, snrgaon; Lieut. Armstrong, adjutant, and Sergt. Mnldary, sergeant major. During the evening there will be dances at both houses and it is expected that the boys in blue will have thinge tbeir own way as nothing will take the average girl's eye as qniok as a bright uniform. It is expected that the companies will have a sham battle on the lake, Fourth of July uight witb Roman candles and it will have a very pretty effect. At night a guard will be thrown ont around the caiup and none but the militia will be allowed in camp. Taps will be sounded at lip. m. Reveille Sunday inoruing at o o'clock, mess cali at (i :00, policeing quarters 7 :00, guard ïnount at 8 :00 and inspection of quarters at 9 :00. The balance of the day will be devoted to general instructiou. Dress parade will be put ou again Sunday evening, after which tents will be strnck, grounds policed and baggage hauled to the depot. The advance guard under command of Sergt. Cooper, left this morning to put up the tents aud make ready for the troops when they arrive.