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The Gold Democrats

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Chicago, July 3.- The gold Democrats are beginning to make thomselves conspicuous about tho rotunda of the Palmer House. Regular headquarters will probably be secured by ïhursday, and a nucleus will be formed about which the eastern men may gathor. The executive committee of the new central committee ia uw organized and ready for business. At a meeting held at the Palmer Hou9e Tuesday afternoon the chairman, Frank Peabody, was authorized to appoint a oommittee oí five to care for the flnances of the organization and raise money for the campaign. A committeo of three, consisting of Ed Asay, John P. Hopkins and Dunlap Smith, was appointed to secure permanent headquarters. To Secure Tickets. Another committee was appointed, the purpose of which is the socuring of tickets to the national convention. Sergeant-atArms Martin has, it is said, been dispensing his favors in the way of tickets and appointments with special favor to the local silver organization. The members of the gold organization intend to be present at the convention, and they intend to cali on Colonel Martin for a batch of tickets. This d.ty was delegated to F. S. Peabody, H. S. Robbins, Thomas A. Moran, G. E. Gooch, John F. Clair, and W. W. Johnson. An address is being prepared setting forth for the benent of visitors the methods by which the silverites captured the local organization. The stato committee of gold Democrats has secured headquartors at the Auditorium and at the Palmer house, and thoy will be opened Thursdny. Arrival of Chairman Harrity. The arrival of Chairman Harrity and the congregation cf the national coimnitteemon rcvived the talk of the gold Democrats bolting the nomination of silver candidatos and the adoption of a 16 to 1 platform. Sueh talk greatly euraged the silver men. Mention bolt at the Sherman House rendezvous of the white metal men and there will be a commotion in a jiffy. Being beaten in a fair fight, they say, the gold men should line up. An Indiana silvor delégate, who refused to permit the use of his name in connection with the story.declared Wednesday that he positively knew that the gold members of the national committee wesè planing to hold a separate convention and nomínate Cleveland if the Chicago convention is delivered into the hands of the soft-money men. The story goes on to say that Hugh Wallace, the "Washington committeeman, is trying to organizo a flank movement of this sort.


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