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Serious Labor Riots

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West View, O., July 2.- Over 100 shots were exchanged by deputy sherllïs and strikers Wednesday morning at the Beren stono quarries. Xo one was killed so far as known. Ono striker had his leg broken in two places and ïn.iny have sore heads as the result of a hand to hand conflict. The strikers approaehed the quarries through u woods with the avowed intention of driving out the nou-union men at work. ïhey were met by the sheriff and forty deputies who comniandod them to stop. For an answer the strikers began firing and the fight then became general. For a few moments the strikers were repulsed and feil back to the woods. The men in tho quarries are quitting for fear and by the importunities of their wives. It is believod that the strikers will make another dash for the quarries, and if sueh should prove to be the case serious troublo will follow. Sheriff Leek in the afternoon telegraphed Governor Bushnell at Columbus that he was unable to hold in cheok the striking stone quarrymen at Berea and asked that four eompiinies of militia be ordered to his assistance at once. Women Take a Haad. While the strikers were at West View the women in overwhelming numbera took the quarry by storm and drove out the workmeu with clubs and strong language. The sheriff was at West View with all but a handful of his deputies and in consequánce the women had full sway. When the news reivched tht-m that some of the strikers had been injured at West View the women were beside themselves with rage, and were only kopt in check by the large mmv ber of citizens that were hastily summoned from the village. The strikers are rapidly returning from West View and have been calling in their pickets for the purpose of arming them. Sheriff Leek finds that he cannot cope with them, as they scatter and slip across lots at such a lively rato that he cannot keep all poluta guarded with his men. The strikers would not allow any one Insldo of their line after the fight, so it was rwc posaible to learn how many of their number had been injured. None of the sheriff 's party were hurt.


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