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Labor Riot At Cleveland

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Cleveland, O., July a.- A pitched battle oecurred Tuesday between eighty policemen and a bocly of strikers from tho Brown Hoisting and Conveying Machino company. As a rosult four of the strikers are iu jail and 100 others are suffering with vrounds iníiieted by the clubs of tho policemen. The trouble startcd at 5 when the non-uniou employés of the company were dismisssd for the day. During the last few days the authorities have been expecting trouble, and they were prepared. The 171 new employés marched to the street cars within a hollow square of policemen. Tho strikers persuaded the street car employés not to stop for the new men, and the employés with their escort marched to another street corner. There a stone was thrown by soine one in the crowd of 2,000 strikers, sympathizers and spectators. The pólice, who were under the command of Superintendent McMahon, wero ordered to charge. They made eight sallies on the crowd. One of the patrolmen named Kadel, was struck on the head With a stone, and so badly disabled that he is now lying at a hospital. When the pólice saw that one of their number had been injured they started in to kill. One of the strike leaders, James Walsh, wag knocked unconscious, and a policeman was in the act of striking him again when an officer stopped him by throwing himself prostrate over the wounded man. At least twenty strikers were knocked down by the pólice, and many broken heads resultad from the charge. The strikers and their sympathizers and all others in the mob were gliul enough at last to escape the pólice, as the officers made no distinction between the real offenders and the spectators, having been instrueted to frighten the crowd. When the last charge was made a number of men were left lying In tho street, and many mure were wiping blood from their faces. The four men arrested are believed to be the ones who instigated the trouble.


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