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Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT HAVING BEEN MADE IN THE couditions of a oertain niortgage bearing date the 4tb day of April. 18SÖ, made by Charles H. Leonard to Patrick Grogan and reeorded in the office of the Reartater of Deeds of Washtenaw County, Michigan, in Liber 82, of Mortgages on Page 325, on the 7th day of April. 1883, on which rnortgage tliere is olaimed to be due at the date oí ttals notlce the sum oi'eiftht hundied and l'ortynine dollars and slxty cents and no suit or proeeeding at la w or in equity having been inetituied to recover the nxmey securod by sald mortgage or any part thereof. Now, therefore, by virtue of the power of sale, eontained in said morttfage and thestatutein sueh case provldcd, notlce is hereby given that on Saturday, the llth day of July, 1S96, at 10 o'clock in the forenooa, ilitif will be sold at public auctiou to the hifrlu-st bidder at the east frout door of the court house, in the City of Aun Arbor, tliat being the place of holding the Circuit Court for said County. the premisse described in said mortgage, or so much thereof as may be neceseary to pay the amount due on, said mortgage and the expenses of this foreclosure provided for by law The premises to be sold are described as foilows: The north-east nuarter of the south-east nuarterof seotion nine in the township of Northfleld, Washtenaw County, Mich. Dated, April 16, 1898. PATRICK GHOGAN, Thompson & Harbimak, lortgagee. Attornevs for Mortgagee. Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF Washtenaw. The undersigned having been appoiutudby the Probate Court for u:iid Countr, Commissionerstoreceive, examine auj adjust u'li claims and demanda of all persons agai'nst the estáte oí' Morris Kichmond, late of aid County. deceased, hereby K've notlce that six moptbs frotn date are allowed, by order o( said Probate Court. for creditors to present tlieiv claims againsl the estáte of said apceased, and tbat they wili tueet at. the office ol E. B. Pond, in the Cit of Ann Arbor, in taid County, on the eighth day of September nul on tlie eifthth uny oí December nexr, at ten o'clock a. M. ol eacb of said days, to lecelve, examino and adjust síiuí claims. Dated JuueS, IBB. EUHir B. POND JFREDERIC B. BRAUN, Oommissiouers. In Chancery. STATE OF MICHIGAN, TWENTY-8ECOND Judicial Circuit, in Chancery. Suit pending iu the Circuit Court for the Couaty of Washtenaw in Chancery. Alioe G. Sherman, eoniplaiuaut, rs. Isaac E Sherman, defendaut. In this cause it appearlng tliat dtfeudant, Isaac E Sherman, is a non-resident of this state and is a resident of the State of Florida, therefore, on motion of Thoinpson & Hamnian, solicilors for the compluinant, it is ordered, that defendant enter hls appearance in said court on or before four uionths from the date of thts order, and that within twenty days the coniplainaut cause this order to be published in the Ann Arbor Argus. said publication to be coutinued once in eacb week for six weeks in sucoession. Dated April 11, 1896. E. D, KINNE, Thompson & Hariuman, Circuit Judge. Solicitors for Complainant. Estáte of William Beeken. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, ss. At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor. on Tuesday, the ltith day of June, in the yearoue thoucand eijiht hundredand niuetysix. Present, J. Willard, Judpce of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of William Beeken, deceased. On reading and filing the petition. duly verifled, of Ida Dalton. prayins? tliat administration of said cl ate may le granl ed to herself or some other suitable person. Thereupou it is ordered i bat Monday, the 20th day of July next, at lü o'clock in the forenoon lic ftssigned for the hearing of said petition, and 1 hal helrs at law of said di-ceased, and all other persons interested in said estaf. are required to appear at a session of said Court, theu to be holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the prayer of the petitioner should not be granted. And it is further ordered that said petitioner give notlce to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said petition, and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of thia order to be publiahed in the Ann Arbor Argus, a uewspaper printed and eirculated in said county, three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing. J. VV1LLAHD KABUITT, [A true copy.] Judge of Probate William G. Doty. Probate Reaister. Estáte of Alpbeus Felch. STATE OP MICHIGAN, CODNTY of Washtenaw, ss. At a sessloo of the Probate Court for thf Csunty of Washtensw.holdVn at the Probate Office in the City of Ano Arbor, on Wtdnesday, the 17th day oí June, in the yeai one tbouaand eiifht huudrudand niiicty-six. Present. J. Willard Babbitt, Judge of Probute. In the matter of the estáte of Alpheus Felch, deceased. Onreading and filinir the petition, duly verlfied, of TheodoreA Felch, praying that a certain infttruuient now on file In this court, purportuig to be the last will and testament of aaid deceased, may beadmitted to proltate and that ainiinistration ot' said estale may begranted tohiinself and Caroline F. Grant, liilzabeth H. Cok', Helen L. Jenuings, and Fr&ncls I,. Felch. the exeoulorsin said will nained or ome otlier suitable person. Thereupon it is ordered, that Mouday, the 13th day of July next, at ten o'elock in the lorenoon, be assigned ior the litariog of said petition, and that the devise, s. leñatees and heirs at law of öaid deceased, and all other persons in terested iii said estat are required lo uppenr at a stssion of ftiid Court, tlien to be lioldeu at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, aud show cause if any there be, whv the prayer of the petitioner should not be granled: And it is further ■ deredthat said petitioner give notice tothe persons interested in said estáte of the pendeuey ot said petition aud the hearing thereof by eausingacopy of this order to be published in the Ann Arbob Argus, a newspaper pnntej and circulated in said county, three succeseive weckt previous to said day of hearing. ,1. WILLAKD BABBITT, [A trae copy.l Judge of Probate Wm. G. Doty. Probate RenUter. The U. S. Qov't Reports show Royal Baking Powdcr superior tm all otters.


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