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Miss May Bowen has goue to Lake Geneva, N. Y., for a short stay. Wm. Goodyear and family have gone to Detroit for a short visifc with friends. The Misses May and Anna Wilsey are at Whitmore Lake for a week 's outing. Miss Matilda Mutschel, of Flint, is visiting her brother, Eugene Mutschel. Mrs. L. C. Johnson is spending a couple of weeks with friends ia Greenville. J. L. Babcock and family left for Waaikesha, Wis., Monday, to spend the sutnmer. Mra. Emma R. Chapin, of Evanston, 111. , is visiting Mrs. C. A. Chapin, of this city. J. O. St. Clair and family, of Volland st., will spend the summer in Marquette. Mts. M. C. Peterson and son Lyle, have gone to Garrettsyille, O., to spend the summer. Miss Lois Bach, of Cleveland, O., is spending the summer with her father, James R. Bach. Mrs. T. W. Young is in Louisville, Ky. , where she will spend a couple of weeks with friends. Ed. C. Shields, of the 'Varsity nine, is playing ball with Wheeling' in the Inter-State League. The Misses Louise Schlanderer and Amanda Rayer went to Monroe Wednesday to visit friends. Miss Annah May Soule has been elected to a position in the faculty of Mount Holyoke College. E. K. Freuauff returned to Owosso Monday evening after a week's visit with relatives and friends. Miss Daisy Humphrey, of Saline, and Mrs. Clifford E. Bassett, of Detroit, were in the city Tuesday. Mrs. G. W. PattersoD and two children are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Rowley, of Adrián. Mayor Walker and wife have gone to their cottage at Zukey Lake, where they will spend the summer months. Dr. A. C. Nichols and family, Mrs. Howell and Warren Webster, have been speiidmg the week at Island Lake. Pairick Bonner will sail for Europe next Thursday and while fnere will revisit the scènes of bis boyhood days. Mrs. Anna M. Burleson and son, John, of Niágara Falls, are the guests of Rev. W. W. Wetmore and family. Prof. A. A. Stanley, Prof. Freer and Dr. Flemming Carrow and their wives are having au outing at Whitmore Lake. Hiss Claribel McMonagle attended the meeting of the National Association of Elocutionists in Detroit this week. Theo. W. Dodsley, who graduated from the law class this year, has gone to Fargo, N. D., to enter a leading law office. Miss Charlotte Storms has gone to Frankfort, Mich. , where she will spend the enmmer at the Forest Avenue hotel. Miss Bessie Storms left for Chicago, Saturday, where she will spend the sumraer with her aunt, Mrs. N. P. Jacobs. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Wetmore, and baby, of Jonosville, attended the Bullis-Wetmore wedding in this city on Tuesday night. A. J. Volland, jr., formerly of this city, has been chosen to sncceed Prof. W. A. Greesou as principal of the Grand Rapids schools. Miss Nellie Gaffney, who has been teaching in Blauchard, Isabella county, is spending the sumrner with her mother in the city. Mr. and Mis. Ernest Mast and Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Mast are spending a ■week with relatives at Ottawa Beach, Allegan county, Mich. W. D. Harriman, Joseph Donnelly, Judge Babbitt and Patrick Kennedy will visit Chicago next week during the democratie convention. Wm. F. Fischer, of Battle Creek, was in the city Tnesday night attending the Hoffstetter-Schneider wedding and shaking hands with old friends. Dr. and Mrs. H. J. Pearson, who have been visiting their son, Alviok A. Pearson for some weeks, returned to their home in Ohio, Saturday night. Ed. Staebler, Ed. StDll, George Kyer and Albert Staebler went to Detroit Sunday on their bikes. Their cyclometers registered 113 miles for the day's run. Guy Stevenson, of the Times office, is off on a three weeks' vacation. He will spend most of the time camping at Camp Comfort, near Strawberry Lake. Mrs. W. G. Dieterle, accompanied by her son William, is spending a few days with her father, George Keek, of Manchester. She will return home Monday. Profs. Trueblood and Scott have been attending the meetiug of the National Associatiou of Blooutiouists in Deboit this weeü. Prof. Trueblood is secre tary of ths association. C. F. Field, of Tecumseh, late owner of the Teuumseh Sun, was in tbe city Monday and Tufsday visiting bis cousin, Wm. G. Doty an.i otlier friends He was also a pjeasaut (tller at the Argus office. Juaga Kinne is going to California to see his sou Samnel. Orau Bury is spending his vacation in Kent county, Ontario. The Misses Hattie Keith and Alta Beal are visiting friends in Detroit. Miss Josephine Cebulski is visiting friends in Manchester for a few days. Miss Charlotte Meadaris has beeu spending a week with friends in Detroit. Miss Lucy Bushnell, of Hesperia, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. George H. Pond. Miss Jaycox, of Syracuse, N. Y., is the gnest of her sister Mrs. H. J. Brown for the summer. W. D. Harriman left for Detroit and Port Hurón yesterday morning, he will return toinorrow. Hon. A. J. Sawyer and family left Wednesday for Cavanaugh lake to spend the suminer. Miss Mary Eiohmond has returned to Chioago after a brief visifc with friends in the city. Mrs. E. A. Bathbone has returned from Detroit and will remain here most of the surnrner. Mrs. Nellie L. Gleason, of Portland, Me., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Childs. J. T. Mingay, of Toronto, Ont. is visiting his son, T. W. Mingay, of the Argus, and family. E. C. Lindley, lit '95, law 96, has looated in Chicago where he will begin the practise of law. Mrs. Fred A. Howlett, son and daughter left yesterday for Cavanaugh lake to spend the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Field, of Tecumseh, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Doty the flrst of the week. M. J. Cavanaugh will leave for Chicago Sunday evening to attend the democratc national convention. Mrs. O. F. Webster, who has been visiting her father, Charles Spoor, has returued to her home in Owosso Miss Christine Lilley accompanied her father to New York last Monday where she will spend the summer. John A. Lentz, dent. '96, left for St. Paul, Minn., Sunday afternoon, where be will engage in the practice of his profession. Mrs. Carrie M. Stone and daughter Lucile, of S. Fifth ave., have goue to Saginaw for the sutnnier to visit Dr. Charles Stone. Prof. and Mrs. Frederick G. Novy celebrated their wooden wedding Tuesday evening at their residence, No. 5232 Lawrence st. Mrs. C. H. Richmond, who has been visiting Miss Clements for .several weeks, has gone to Massachusetts for the res; of the summer. Mrs. L. H. Stone, of Kalamazoo, visited h9r daughter, Mrs. Carrie M. Stone, the flrst of the week, on her way to visit friends at Detroit and Saginaw. Mrs. W. W. Whitlark, of Montreal, Canada, arrived in the city Saturday to spend the summer with her sister, Mrs. Geo. H. Rhodes, of the north side. Prof. Chas. H. Covell, lit '95, superintendent of the St. Louis schools, visited friends here last week and will spend the vacation at his father's home near Brooklyn, Mich. Mrs. Meeker, of Syracuse, N. Y. , and Miss Caroline Nichols, the elocutionist of the Harvard Quartet, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Doty during commencement week. Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Gebhardt, of Portland, Oregon, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Lentz, 22 E. Washington st. Mrs. Gebhardt will visit her parents for some time. Bloomingston, the es-second baseman of the ü. of M. team, left for Flint Monday to play ball with the team of that city. He left with thern on a trip tbrough Canada, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Stimson and Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Kyer leave next Wednesday for a lake trip to Mackinac, Sault Ste. Marie, and Duluth. They will be absent three or four weeks. Miss Belle A. Curry, who bas been visiting her aunt, Mrs. J. F. Staebler, of W. Washington st. , left Mocday for her home in Ironwood, accompanied by her cousin, Miss Minnie Stoup, of Ypsilanti. Miss Lois McMahon, sister of Mrs. Fred S. Gage, of this city, who graduated from the literary department of the university on Thursday, left Friday evening for Montreal, Canada, where she took the Alian line steamer for Liverpool, England. She will be gone for three ïaonths. Charles J. Kintner, of New York City, has been in the city during the week past. Mr. Kiutner is a member of a company who is to bring out a telephone that is automatic, and will do away with a central office. It will be so cheap, $10 a year, thatevery one can have