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Contract For The William Street Sewer

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The bids for building tbe Williaru street sewer were opeued Wednesday. There were ten bids in uumber and a wide range in figures. The bid of Hutzel & Co. was thrown aside for inforniality and the board decided to reooraruend the bid of Sharp & Schultz, of Port Horon, which was the lowest bid. The bids were as follows : Manier & Fink. of Goshen, Ind., $14,943.06; Denier & Scott, of Port Huron, $14,440.35; D. E . Snllivan, of Detroit, 113,710.95; Muir & Sullivan, of Port Huron, $13,080.69; Beek, Hill, Miesmer & Stevenson, of Port Huron, $12,834.44;J. A. Mercier, of Detroit, $12,127.28; Hutzel & Co., $11,948; Carlisle&Reed, of Port Huron, $10,674.34; Schneider Bros., of Ann Arbor, $10,340.69; Sharp & Schultz, of Port Huron, $9,458.73. The bid accepted is a little over $2,000 less than the engineer's estímate which was $11,497.28. There were some funny things about the bids, some bidders charging the same for laying the pipe sixteen feet tinder ground that they charged for laying it eight. It will be noticed that the Port Huron firm which built the Liberty screet sewer, split in three pairs and members of it appnar in three of the firms bidding on the William street sewer. Mr. Schultz, one of the successful bidders, was the inason who built the flush tanks of the Liberty street sewer. The board will require a boud of $15,000 with a local bondsinan. The contract is to be let Monday if the firm provide the proper bond and work is expeuted to begin at once. Four miles of sewer will be built in this district. Sharp & Schultz promise to employ Ann Arbor help with the exception of ten men.


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