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Fr. Kennedy's Reception At Niles

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ir. .Kennedy was giren a very large reception and welcome at Niles a week ago tonight. Says tbe IS'iles Daily Star: "Between 7 and 8 p. m., the constant tread of fathers, mothers, sisters, wives, husbands and children belonging to St. Mary's church on the west side could be heard aluiost transported with glee at the opportunity they had of being able to greet the Rev. Fr. Kennedy in a most liearty welcome. Fr. Kennedy was here before in the time of ïiex. Fr. Cappon and received the Bishop's orders to other fields where he made so many. friends that more than 1,000 names petitioned the Kight Rev. Bisliop to recousider the edict of recall, but the Bishop knew best and our good Fr. Kennedy, retired five years ago to return to us again. "The word 'Welcome" is not sufliciently strong to show the heartiiiess with which he was received and the adjectives are weak to show the congregation's delight to have Fr. Kennedy again as their guide and pastor. In the center of the great hall were seated somoe of our good citizens with Fr. Kennedy át the head with his genial face - he' well knowing this testimonial was spontaneous." Then follows an account of a literary and musical program. Says the Star: "The third part consisted of an admirable address of welcome by Mr. Albert Skalla, to which Rev. Fr. Kennedy at flrst very liumorously responded, and touchingly replied at the end."


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