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The session of Ann Arbor oity council on Mouday evening was a decided interesting oue and was characterized by some very sharp turns to tho "right abont" on the questious of lowering the Washtenaw ave. sewer, and the macadauriziDg of Detroit st. The completing of the grading on S. University ave. also came in for a share of the oounoil's attention. Several of the U. of M. professors interested iu the Washtenaw ave. sewer, were present and spoke on their side of the question. After the oouuoil bal passed a resolution to lower the sewer six feet, the professors left and then the oouuoil experieuoed a ohauge of heart. A vote of recousideration of the matter was passed and it was deoided to lower it four feet. Likewise iu the matter of maoadamizing Detriot st. , the first motion passed oalled for estimutes of the expende of the work. Again a inotion to reconsider prevailed, and it was finally ordered to go ahead at once, and so this urnen needed piece of public improvernent will be done. Still another recousideration was had on the question of grading S. University ave. It was flrst voted to ask for bids for the work, and then the matter was reconsidered aud the money, $35, granted outright. Petitions for sidewalks on Forest ave, , and gradiug on Milier ave. were referred to the proper comrnittees. The request of the board of public works for $110 to place a bath room and closet in the engine house was unanimously grauted. The same body presented estimates of the cost of paiuting the bridges over the Huron river and was instructed to get bids and have the work done. The board also submitced estimates for macadamizing Detroit st., $1,566 and $960 extra for stone, and for rnacadaniiziug part of División st. , $417.30, whích were placed on file. The snm of $136 was granted to improve the south side of Feloh park. The petition for crosswalks across W. Liberty and W. Third sts. , and for sidewalk grade on Prospect st. were referred to the several committees. City Engiueer Key's estimate for lowering the Washtenaw ave. sewer was read. For lowering the sewer four feet as ordered already by the comïnon council the cost is estirnated at $354; for lowering it six feet as desired by Washtenaw ave. property holders, $581.75. On the suggostion of Aid. Koch, Profs. Knowlton, Demmon, and Pattengill spoke in favor of lowering the sewer six feet. Aid. Maynard favored lowering it six feet. Aid. Kocb moved that th sum of f581.71 beappropriated aud the sewer be lowered six feet. Aid. Coon seoonded the inotiou. Aid. Dell objected aud said that the work should be done by contract. Aid. JUaufortb opposed baste and Aid. Soule favored immadiate action. Aid. Shadford thought four feet was enongh. Aid. Dell insisted that city work -was too expensive and demanded contract. President Hiscock warmly approved lowering the sewer no more than four feet. VVhen the vote on Aid. Koch's motion was taken, 10 voted for it and 8, Aids. Moore and Shadford, aud President Hiscock, voted agrtinst it. The committee on streets recoui,meuded a eulvert on the west side of Atshley st., a tile draiu on Ashley 8t, asked $'U for grading Eighth st, asked refereuce of matter of alley betvveen Main and Ashley sts. to city attoruey, and asked estiinates on gradiag aud graveling Gott st. Adopted. The grades on Detroit st. and N. Fourtb ave. were established. Then carne the question of macadamiziug Detroit st. and N. Fourth ave. Aid. Moore moved that N. Fourth ave. froui Anu st. to Detroit st., and Detroit se. from Fonrth ave. to Depot aud Carey sts., be macadamized to the depth of eight inches, according to the estiinates of the city enginoer, aud insisted that the matter be atteudert to at once. The discussiou did not last long, and when it was finished Aid. Coon moved that the resolution be laid over. The motion was lost by a vote of 8 to 5, and then Aid. Coon took another whack at the question and moved that Aid. Moore's resolution be amended so as to read that the board of public works be directed to advertise for bids on the improvemunt. Aid. Moore refused to aocept the arnendrnent, but nevertheless it carried. The motion as thus ameuded then passed nnanimously. The sidewalk coinmittee refiommended niiruerous plank aud stoue walks and repairs, and its recommendations were invanably adopted. The city treasurer's bond of C. H. Manly, and the plumbing boud of J. F. Schuh were accepted. Superintendent of Poor Sipley was directed to purchase a yeai's supply of wood, provlding he eau do it cheaper now thau later iii the year. Aid. Sonle moved that $35 be aproppriated for the purpose of fluishiug the gradiug of S. University ave. between Twelfth and Ingalls st. This gave the advocates of pushing ahead on the Detroit st. work a chance to get Aid. Mooie moved that the board of public Works be iustructed to get bids for the work. Aid. Coon, who had before desired to move slowly, now thonght that such a mode of procedure would be a needless delay, as the suin was so small. Aid. Soule also thonght likewise. President Hiscock reruarked that something else besides the amouut of mouey was to be cousidered. Some people were so careful how such jobs were done. The amendrnent carried. Aid. üanforth spoke of the necessity of continuing the trimming of the city's shade trees. Aid. Lanbengayer then moved a reconsideration of the Detroit st. macadamizing qnestion, which carried. Aid. Moore moved the passage of his original raotion shoru of the troublesome amendment. Aid. Coon, Soule, Cady and President Hiscock spoke briefly. With consent of the council, Captain C. H. Manly spoke in favor of the questiou, and quoted the faot that surprisingly little money had gone into street or other improvement in tbat portion of the city. When the vote was taken it stood 9 for and 4 against. City Engineer Key and one meinber of the board of public works were authorized to go to Detroit and study the question of macadamlzing. Au old well on Maynard st. was ordered placed in condition for travel. President Hiscock having auuounoed to Aid. Koch, that as acting mayor he would veto the motion to lower the Wasbtenaw ave. sewer six feet, that gentlemaa moved a reconsideration of the matter, which was carried by a vote of 7 to 6. Aid. Maynard spoke in favor of the sis feet depth, and feit certain that he had already lost some of his best custoniers because of the question. He did not care to lose more. He thought himself a fooi for going on the council, and said so emphatically. Aid. Koch: "For God's sake lot's do something!" The vote was then taken on loweriug the sewer four feet and it was carried by a vote of 8 to 5. Yeas - Aid. Moore, Koch, Grossuiau, Laubengayer, Sbadford, Rhodes. Soule and President Hisc,ck; uays - Aid. Maynard, Dell, Coon, Cady and Danloirh. Crosswaiks were ordered over Moore and Broadway sts. Aid. Maynard then moved to reconsider the rnotiou anthonzing the advertisiDg for bids for complecing work on S. Uuiversity ave. The alderinen were in a more placable mood aud ou motion the work desired there was ordered done without the preliminary of askiug for bids. Brick crosswaiks were ordered across Main st. ou the north and south sides of Hurou st. and across Hurou st. ou' the -west side of Main st. Nelson S. Garlinghouse was appointed member of the board of cemmissioners for the Fifth ward cemetery to sucoeed Eli S. Mauy, deceased. Mrs. G-arduer, of the north side, wanted the Boulevard straigütened,and the matter was referred to the street committee.


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