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The Lady And The Cyclist

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A lady proteoted iierself against tho rnshing advauce of a cyclist iu Bromptou road, London, iu original and cornmeudable fashiou. The ïelegraph of that city describes how the cyclist was raciag along at his best pace aud the lady was crossing the roadway. Instead of making a detour to avoid her, the man simply vaug his bell aud rushecl ou without abaternent of speed, cousidering that he had thus done his duty to society. Pedestriaus ou tho footpaths and busmen ou their perches saw that a collision was inevitable. So did the lady, vcho braced herself for the ordeal and resolved ou offeusive tactics. Giving her body - uot by any meaus that of a pygmy- a rapid swing, she brought the strougest aud most padded part of her figure hito contact with the front wheel of the machine and the bicyclist hiiuself and seut them both sprawling into the roadway. Then, giving her skirls another swing, just to prove that they had snffered uo daruage, she finished her jouruey across the road and tnrued rotind aud langhed with others at the nuhappy cyclist as he picked np himself and the disjecta ruembra of his once perfect machine. He made his way to the curbstone, where he sat down to contémplate the daruage, and fiually he put the thing ou his shoulder and carried it away.


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