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Ex-governor Russell

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Ex-Governor Williani E. Russell, of Massachusetts, died on Thnrsday of last week at St. Adelaide De Pabos, Qnebec, where he had gone for a few days fishing, accompauied by his brother and Francis Peabody. They all retired early to rest the evening previous, the ex-governor being apparently in his usual good health and spirits, although he was soruewhat tired out by bis labors at tbe democratie national convention in Chicago. When his corapauions tried to ronse him in the rnorning he was dead. His death must have been caused by heart disease. The position of his body and the expression on his face showed that his death was painless. Hou. William Eustis Russill was born in Cambridge, Mass.. in 1857. He was educated in the public schools and in Harvard college, where be graduated in 1877. He then began the study of law under bis father's direc tion and took.a course of tbree years in the Boston university law schuol He was admitted to the Snffolk bar in the April term of 1880. JVIr. Russell was only 28 jearsold, when, ia 1885, he was elected mayor of his native oity, having already served as councilman and alderman. Id 1888 he was nominated for governor, but was defeated by Ames. It was in thia year that Mr. Russell gave evidence of his gifts as a stump speaker. He worked and talked iucessantly, goiug about from one place to another. He was renominated for governor in 1889. This time his competitor was √ľov. Brackett. Mr. Rnssell at the head of a vigorous campaign reduced tbe plurality of his opponent from 29,000 to 6,7 75. Next year, on his third trial he was elected by a plurality of 9,000. In his inaugural message he suggested many reforms in state management, but few of tbem became operativo, owing to a hostile legisature and a hostile oouncil. Russell was reelected governor of his state twice. He retired at the eud of his thivd term to resume the practice of law. Russell's name was mentioned by his admirers iu New England as one wbich would look well at the head of the democratie national ticket. At the Jefferson celebration in Montioello, early in this year, the ex-governor made a strong declaration in favor of honest money. He was associated with Senator Hill and ex-Secretary Whitney in the contest over tbe platform at the recent Chicago convention, and kept his state in line with New York against repudiation. Eleven years ago, in 1885, while he was mayor of Cambridge, Mr. Russell married Miss Margaret Mauuing, of Cambridge. Mrs. Russell and two sons. aged respectively three and eight years, ure still living. In the death of Mr. Russell, the country loses oue of its brightest aud ablest citizeus, a man of irreproachable character and one who will be rnissed by his native state and in the councils of bis party.


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