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A peculiar replevin case was tried in Justice Pond's court Friday raorning. Johu Conde, a drayman, bought au extensión table of John Beddaway, the second hand dealer, and paid for it. He marked it carefnlly, set it ont in the street and then went away. On his return for his table he fonnd that it had been taken back into the store and he claimed that Beddaway deinanded $1 more from him for it. This he refused to pay and replevined the table. Beddaway failed to put in an appearance and did not enter any defence. Justice Pond assessed the costs and $2 damages against hina. Jack Mansfleld, charged with larceny from Tucker & Co., of N. Fourth ave., aud Eby Carr, charged with forgery, were up bef ore Justice Pond Saturday morning. Both inen waived exarnination aud being unable to give boud for their appearance at the circnit court were taken back to jail to await trial Philip LaVear, a drayman, was taken before Justice Pond Friday moruing cliarged with stealiug six or eight shocks of barley from Adam F:ey, a farmer in Aun Arbor township. The barley was found in his baru, bnt he denied stealing it and the case was adjourned until Tuesday. On Monday a warrant was issued for the arrest of Adelbert Wetherby, who had admitted taking the grain and he was taken before Jnstice Pond who fiued him $6 and $3 costs or in default 20 days iu jail. He is still in jail. LeVear was dischaiged ou payment of the costs incurred in his case. Ou Wedneeday Thomas Carroll for being drunk on the streets, was seutenced by Justice Pond to pay a fiue of $2 and 4.00 costs, or an execntion would be issued. He is hustling for the money. Bichard Carroll had been working for a farmer in Pittsfield. He was paid off Monday and got $87 in hard cash. He carne to the city and was drunk for two days, finally landing in iail with 86 cents in his pockets. terday ruovfiiag as he did not want to go to jail, Justice Pond fined hirn $2 and $4.50 costs. An execotion will be issued if he does not; pay up. Fred W. Bowen was before Justice Pond yesterday charged with letting his borse run at large on the streets. He pleaded not guilty and the case was adjourued until Tuesday. He claims the horse broke out of the stable.


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