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National Party Picnic

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A grand rally, county convention ind reformers' pieuio of the National party, will take place at Childs' grove, ,n Augusta townehip, near Whittaker, aext Wednesday, coumieucing at 10:30 i, m. Addresses will be made by G. R. Malone, of Lansing, chairman of the natioual state committee, and others. The subjects to be disenssed will be the j following "splinters" froni the ; Eorm of the new National Party : Prohibition, equal suffrage, governmeut issue of all paper money, free silver - 16 to 1, auti-bank monopoly, anti-railroad monopoly, auti-land monopoly, all taxation on wealtb, direct vote for president and United States senators, no alien votes, free non-sectarian English schools, initiative and referendum, reduction of official salaries, repeal of anti-fnsion law. Prof. E. A. Gilbert, soloist and banjo player, will also delight the audience during the day with many reform songs, making tbis the day aud occasion of the year for young and old. An evening mass meeting will be addressed by the same speakers aud siugers, commenoing at 7 :30 o'clock. A free silver (16 to 1) collection will bo taken at both meetings to assist in paying expenses.


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