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The New St. James Hotel

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I he opening of the new St. James hotel, Ann Arbor, to the public was most auspicionsly carried out last evening at the bauquet given to about 75 people, among whom was a fair sprinkling of ladies. Shortly after S o'clock the company oommeuced to arrive and frotn tben until 9 :30 when the bauqoet wsa served, thejtime was spent iu lookiDg over the house, listeuing to the musio furnished by the Chpqaamegon orchestra, or chatting sociably together. The house as bas already been nientioned in the Argus has been renovated throughout, farnished with heautiful uew furuitnre and carpets and is now in firsc class shape to serve the wants of the traveling public. Everythiug in use in the hulel was purchased of oouie rnercbauts, Martin Halier furnishing the furuitnre, ruattresses and carpets, George Haller the silvorware, E. F. Mills & Co. tbe liuen, etc., W. D. Adams, Edward Dufiy and Dean & Co. the crockery and giassware. Both Miohael Breuner, the ovvuer of the hotel and Q-eo. B. Shetterly, its proprietor, deserve the highest praise for the enterprise they have shown in ruaking snch a public iuiprovement, and they did receive the hearty comruendation of those who replied to the post prandial toasts last evening. The banquet was as toothsome a meal as one could wisb to sit down to and was prefaoecl by a few explanatory remarks as to the cause of the event by W. (j. Doty, who acted as toastmaster. The banquet over, Mr. Doty in his capacity as master of the ceremonies, called on severa] geutlemeu to respond to impromptu toasts. Among thern WRre: Michael Breuner, Chas. A. Ward, E. F. Mills, W. W. Wedemeyer, Ex -Mayor C. G. Darling and Charles E. Hisoock. In tbe conrse of the remarks ruade, Mr. Hiscock, as president of the common council, prophesied paved aud maoadamized streets for Ann Arbor; E. F. Mills advocated acommuuity of the interests of the different business men as a good means to make Ann Arbor a live business town and increase its prosperity ; Dr. Darling spoke of the way for a persou to keep in good bealtb and oasually remarked that the way for a lean man to get fat was to board at the St. James; W. W. Wedemeyer spoke of the enterprise of Messrs. Brenner aud Shetterly, aDd as one of those who boarded at the St. James, praised the excellence of the table set by Mr. Shettery. Incidentally he roasted the married men present for leaving their wives at home. The banquet was brought to a close with a sentiment to the ladies by the toastmaster.


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