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Passed The Rubicon

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St. Louis, July 22.- The corridors of the Llndell hotel veere crowded before 7 o'clock Xuesday morning and the orations Ut hc'.dquarters of "ïhe Middleof-theflloari men at the Laclede had begun before that hour. The laaders, of coursewere late in putting in an appcarance. The Bryan managers were in a jubilant frame of mind. They confldently claimed Tuesday morning that they had passedthe rabicon, and that their coBtrol ol the convention was practically asgured. There are conditions and details yet to be worked out, but they believe they have won the mam victory - the nomination or iudorsement of the Chicago ticket. The attempt of sonie of the Populista to force the withdrawal of Sewall and the nomiimtion of a Populist for vice president had been defeated by the stand taken by Bryan'sfriends and the positive angwer of Chairman Jones of the Democrat1 lc uational committee that such a thing could not bo considered and would notbe tolerated. Notwithstanding the confidence of the Bryan managers, however, they will not relax their efforts. Helieve There Will Be a Kolt. They have a most complete organization and every man has instructions. They will meet and canvass every incoming delegation and keep up the work of proselyting among those already here. Although they now claim the victory, they believe there will be a bolt of the radicáis, and, paradoxical as it may seem, a bolt of the extremists is what sorne of the most levcl headed say they desire. The Democratie managers certainly are not averse to a split which will carry out of the convention the extreme men. They claim that the allegiance of some of these men would do the ticket inflnitely more harm than good. The battle, of course, will come on the floor of the convention, and no one now doubts that there will be a generous display of bitterness and bad blood. The national committee will wrestle with the question of organization. The Bryan men have put forward General Weaver for temporary chairman. This is a ghrewd move. They do not believe the opposition will care to make a fight against their late standard bearer. Resolutiou by "Cyclone" Davis. Mr. Davis has prepared and will ask the Populist convention to adopt the following resolution: "WHEBEAS, McKinley and the Republican party represent the existiug gold Standard and the perpetuation which means that the national banking system is to be rechartered for fifty years and that our national debt is to be refunded and made a gold instead of a coin debt and the bouds to run fifty years, and "Whereas, This system is to be fastened upon the country by a treaty with foreign nations under the false pretense of an international conference, which means the ultímate enslavery of the masses and the complete establishment of the classes. "Resolved, That to defeat this measure ,ajid insure Mr. MoKinley's defeat so far as our vote goes, we pledge oursjlves to unite with the, Democrats on one set of electors in each state.' This is the sentiment of the "middle of the road" Populists."


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