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The Silver Convention

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St. Louis, July 2a.- The Hon. I. N. Stevens, meruber of the executive committee of the National Silver party, arrived Tuesday morning. Speaking of what the silver party will do, he said: "Our party was organized to unite all silver voters for the campaign of 189S, without regard to past party affiliations. We sfcirted by asking them to lay aside temporarily their views upon other public questious and to unite in one supremo effort to settle the money question this year. Our convention will be largely composed of mea who have belonged to the Republican party, who have been easily persuaded to join our ranks for the reason that they do not have to saoriflce their eonvictions upoa other politica! questions, bilt simply subordínate them to the moncy question. "Our convention will nomínate Bryan and Sewall upon substantlally the financial plank of the Chicago platform, which will probably be the sole plank of our platform, and then an address will probably be issued appealing to the American pooplo to hold in abeyance their beliefs upon other questions and join with us in restoring the money of the constitution. We will be a powerful factor in the middle and western states in uniting the silver voters. The members of our party undertook this work from motives of patriotism alone; they want no offices; therefore, they have no trades of conditione to delay them and the silver convention will probably complete its work by Wednesday night. The party has a school district organizatlon in all the muidle and western states. It will bring to the support of Mr. Bryan hundreds of thousands who do not wish to vote .'Democratie ticket or join that party, but agree with us upon the moncy question."


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