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LAND PUISTER! LIME AND CEMENT. LiOUIS EOHDE, Main Office - 36 E. Huron Street. ï'ards- 50 .West Huron Street. ptRE INSURANCE. ï v,.::t loi lollown.d i!r: üiasj OorupaDic '(.piertwntiiitï over t wenty ■ trtght Million "Dollart Arino-. iftbuee potfcfee rt the iiwti rv.rpt.tna Of Hartford S9,1S2,K44.O( Pranklin of l'hila 3,118,713,00 Grermania'of N. Y 2,700,729.0 America of N.Y. 4,0ri5,968.(X Locdon A-Ssurance. Lond'n 1.41H.788.O0 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 N. Y. ünderwriters. N. Y. 2,506.679.00 National, Hartford 1 ,774,505.00 Pbertix, K.Y 3.759.03.00 rspeclal.itteii Cn ivu ,o ti menranef" . (■wel!infre,scBo.jif.ohurcns ainl pnM'r hulldintft term 'f bree Mui ö?t vnfvrCATSUP Adulteratert i'ood. Dei ynu helteve in It. H' so betrer hiiy clin IV latend ot su;;u cottoa ueea oil lusteart of "liv uil. Perltps lionL-h you rblnk nbmit youv healtti, a-Coui tin; flavoi' of what ;oiure eatlng. , , Nu ,vny rhe bur io 'my good stra'ghi forw;u-d 'jnK-f'Vs SiTvprlöUig pait of it is tbilt tl iv.' ut . o mo e'thitn th adulterated stuft. Th" ak -s the dlSeronce In ost Suess be loses In putation though. We value our reputatipn nd cuítomers do too. STAEïSLEÏi & CO., Phone 141. 41 S. Main St International Diétionary 9 The One Great Standard Autliority, 9 Y So writes Hon. I. J. Brewer, Y O Justice U. S. Supreme Court. V O OBSend a Postal for Specimen Pages, etc. Q Successor of the I o 3iP ' Standard A o sdi E of theTJ. S. o 6 55ïiE!n!sjiiï ur5m j, Suite Sui eme Courts 9 X SSSa $('#) Í! aii'i of nearly all ilie 0 O fi ' Warmly ó X 'i; '.' y State o Y L=! oiliei'KdnciiTors ümost X 9 THE BEST FOR EVERYEODY 9 9 BECAUSC X 2 It Is easy to flnd the word wanted. X X It is easy to ascertain the pronuncisitor. X X It Is easy to trace tiie growtii of a word. X It is easy to learn wliat ajword incar.o. V The Chicago Times-Xteraí(l errrn- 9 O Webster's Internntional Dictlonnnr iiiü M !'"' V Öformlsabsoluteaiitliorttyon eypi-yilihii i -uivn; c A to our hmpujiire in the way of P1'-" ■ c X epy,etyuioiui-'y, rind (ieflmlion. I' "ui i' '■ ''; ' -. ' 9 appeal. Itisas portcol. i1imin mi clli .f. l 9 sfiípcíin makelt.- Hec. 14. isas. X G.&C. MERRIAM CO., Pabíisücrr, X Sprinéfield, Mass., U.S.A.


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