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Chubb And His Tub

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To little John Adolphus Chubb Your kind attention I invite. Oh, how he lovc-3 to bathe and scrub Eaeh ïïiorn and eke at night! liow, John Adolphus TTilliam Chubb, A fino young elephant is he. And when he's in his little tub Oh, 'tis a pleasant sight to see. His nurse, a motherly old thing, No necd to coax the rogue has she. Adolphus, when he sees her bring The water, trumpets in his glee. Oh, how lie loves the eold, cola stream Descending on hini in the tub! He feels as if he'd like to seream- Ho lovea it so, doos William Chubb. And thon, tho evening's washing o'er (Thousrh bo could wish it lastod still), His nursewill say : "Come, come, no more, You've had enough now, Master WiU." So swift he's dried, his nightgown on, A nightcap tied upon his head, And to the rattle's music John Adolphus William goes to bed.


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