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A Truly Enormous Enterprise

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There are so few eutertaiumeuts in the list of those wbioh anüually reour that can be said to possess either novelty or other value than the whiliug away of an idle hour, that it is distiuotly a pleasuro to auncrance the advent of Col. W. F. CodjV' Batíalo Bill," at the head of that rein ukable and unique oi(4ULizatioa tbe Wild West. It is now on tour in America for the flrst time in rnany-years and contains many novel features as tbe resul c of its gveat journeyings in foreign lands. The graphiü and photographically accurate pictures of the life that was led ou the plains by the Indiana, Cowboys, and Scouts in the early days of the republic can never be duplicated after (Jol. Corly shall retire. These ara living pictures, stories in action by the liviug héroes of the days of yore and their Indian adversaries now fast vanishing from the scane of life's oombat. These, too, are now rivalled in educatioual value by the addition of a geunine Equitational Convention showing in the real persons of the actors the world's riders. There are representatives from the great standing arniies of Europe, the English, Irish, Frnch, Geruian and Eussian heavy and light branches of the cavalry service, and with these are the Arab, the Tartar, the Gaucho and the Indiau, nature's horsemen par excellence. This enormous euterprise is nnder the management of Col. Cody and those two widely known aud in their several ways uuequalled amusement managers, Mr. Nate Salsbury aud Mr. James A. Bailey, of Baruum & Btiiley. This is a guarautee that every promise made to the public will be faithfully kept aud tbat everyone of the myriad details incident to the rnoviug and presenting of this tremendous entertainment will be peifection itself. The reader should not forget that this organization can never be duplicated and that to miss seeing it uow is to take the chance ofthe opportunity never recurring. The fWild West will be in Anu Arbor onMonday Aug. 3, at tbe fair grouuds.


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