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Chancery Notice. THE TWENTY-SECOND .11' DICIAL CIRcuit for the State "f Michigan. In the circuit Oonrt for the Countyol vvashtenaw, in Chance] v. Klla Barrington, oomplainant, vs. (.'liarles F. Harringtoni deioiulant. Ii Batlsfaotorily appearlnf? to me by affidavit that the defendant, Charles I'. Harrlngtoiii N a Don-resident "f this state and that he in the State ol South Dakota: On moi Ion of E. 1!. Norrls, of counsel for complain int, ordered thal defendaui 'i oause bib appearanoe In this canse to be entered wlthfh rour months f rom the date of this order; thul ii default thereof the iiill ol complalnt whlch is flled in this cause ie talen as eonFessed by the defendant. it is further orlered thal the complaiQ&m do cause this irder to be personalïy served or iuly pub1 Isbed pursuant to law, Dated-, Ann Arbor, May 9th, is1";. E. B. NORRIS. E. D. K1NNE, Sul ei mr tor i lomplainant. Olrcuil Ju A true oopy.] ANsiNtiBrHCi. Register. In Chancery. STATE OF MICHIGAN, TWENTY-SECOND Judicial Circuit, in Chancery. suii pendn in the Circuit Coun ior the County of Washtena'B In OhaQcery. Allee G. Sherman, ■dniplainant, vs. Isaac E. Sherman, defendant. In this cause it appearlng thatdefenda ut, Isaac E. Sherman, le a non-resident of ■ hls state and isa resident of the State of florida t herefore, on motion of Thompson & latiinirtn, solicitois for the complainant, it s ordered, that defendant enter hls appearnuco in said court on or before four in. ml lis 'romthedati ut1 this order, and tbat wlthln iventy days the complsinant cause this order o be publlshed in the Ann Arbor Argus, satd ublicatlon to be oontinued once in each week for six weeks in sucoession. Dated April 11, 1896. E. D. KINNE, rHOMPSON & Hahhiman. Olrcuit Judge. Solicitóos for Complalnant. Estáte of Edward Olney. CTAÏE OF MICHIGAN, COÜNTY ol' Wttshtenaw, sb. At a session of the Probate Court lor the County of Waahtenaw, holdeu at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbcr, on ThursOay, the tínd clay oí July in the yeur one thousaud eight hundreci and ninety-si.. Present, J. Willurd Bahbitt, Jude oí Probate. In the matter oí the estáte oí Edward Olucj, dt'ceuM.I , bchuyler Grant, thf adininistrator de bonisnon witli the wilt anncxed oí' múd estáte, ornes into court and representa thiit he ia now preparefl to reader hls final account au such adininistrator. Tbereupon u is ur.iered thalTueróay, the "2Sth dayof luly insiaut, at ten o Vloek in the forenoon be aesigued for exatntning and allowioff such account and tliat the heir ut law of aaicl dtceuaed. and uil other pereons interested iu Siiiil estatOi are required to appe&r at a sessiou of said court, then to be holden aL the Probate otticer the city oi' Ann Arioi, in f-aid couuty, and ehow cauae, i! any there be, wby tlïe Raid account should not b'e ullowcd. Aud it ia further ord'red thut said administralor glve notice to the persons interestod in said estáte, ui the peudenoy of auid aooountftud thcheariugthereof, by Cttiisiug a copy of this order to be publUhed in the Ann Arbor Argus, a newspaper prlnted und circulu'ing in said counfcy, three sucoeabive weeks previous to Paid day ui hearing. J. WILLAKD UABB1TT, Judge of Probate. (A true copy, AVilliam u. DotV. Probite Register. Estáte of John W. Cowan. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY o I Washtenaw, 88. At 11 seseiou of the Prohate Court fortneCounty olWashtenaw, hoklenat the Probate Office is the city oí Ann Arbur, on Mondny, the bixtb day of Julv iu the year onO thousand èlght huodred and uinety-slx. Present, J. Willaia babbitt, Judse of Probate. In the nmtter ol tbe etjtatu ol John VV. Cowan d ceasol . On reading and filine tlie petition duly verifiedof Pamelia C. Taj lor, ad rninistrator, praying that abe may t"1 licensed to seïl the rea] látate wliereof 8&id deceased died BCized. Thereupou it ia ordered, tbatTuesday.the fuurth dny of August uext, at ten o'clock id the forenoón be assiííned for the hearing ol' BaidpetitioB and tbat the lieirs at law ol said deoeased, and all otlitr pt1 rsoü8 iniereateci in said estáte ate requirdd to appear at a session of wiirf court, theu tobo nolden at the Probate Office in the city oí Ann Arbor, in eaid county, and show oaU86, if any tin-u bc. wby the prayer of the petitioner shonld do) be graated. And it is iurther ordcrén.that said petitioner give uotice lo the persons íntercBtodiusaid estáte ot tlie pendencyofeaid petition und the hearing there"f,by causinj; a copj of thU order tobe published in "the Ann Akuoi; Akgus i uewspaper printed and ;ircuUitel ín said tounty, three suceeashe weeks previous to said day of bearing J.WILLAllü BAOISJTT, [A true copy.] Jndge of Probate. W. G. Doty. Probate Register Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT HAVING BEBN MADE IN THE condltlona of a certain mortgage tjwirinf date the 4tli day of December, 1SB1, made by Barbara Courath, of tbc Townsliip of Ann Arbor, Wastatenaw Ceunty, Michigan, to Kinsey & Beabolt, (David Kinsey and Mosee Seabolö, and recorded in the office of Register of deeds of said County, ín LiberTS of Mortfrages, on paffe 520, on ■the 9tb day of April, 1892, at ü o'clock p. m., on which mortKagre there is claimed to be duo at the date of this notice the uin of ÜneThousand and Ninety Dollars and Seventy-Six Cents and no snit at law bavlng been Institüted to recover the same or any part thereof. Now, therefore, l)y virtue of tbe power of sale contained in said mortgage and the atatute 1d such case made and provided, notice is hereby ivin tbat on Saturday, the JOth day of üctober, lSflti, at ten o'clock in tlie forenoon, there wlll be sold at public auction to the hlgheet bidder at the ea-t front door of thecourl house, in the city Of Ann Arbor. (that lieius the buildin;; where tlie Circuit Court lor sala county is held) the premlses desciibed in said paortgage or so niurli thereol :is may be necessary to pay tbe amount then due on said mortjrage and the expenses of thla foreclosure piwided tortoj law 'Éhe premises tobesoldare descritied as follows: A part of section 27 In the Townshlp Of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Couoty, Miobig&n, commencing :it the south-wesi corner of land formerly owned by Caroline Hand, i" the oenter of the Gteadea road. thence wêsterly in tlie center o!' said road f our chaina and twentylink, thenoe nortb parallel witli tlio wesi line of said Caroline Hand'6 land fourteeo chaina, thenee east three chalns und ninety-two link-, to said Caroline Hand'a land, tfience soutli on the west Une oí --lid a rol i no Hand's land to tln place of beglnniuK flfteen ohalns and thirtynlne links, containlnK tlve acres and three rods Of land, more or les ' Dated Jaly 11, 1896 l(;v & SEABOLT, Thompson Harbiman, Mortgages. Attorneys fo:1 Mortgagees.


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