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Mrs. Eilza Mudge, one of the oldest settlers of Cone, died Suuday week of dropsy, aged 65 years. G. F. Boettner, of Bridgewater, has purohased several large flocks of sheep and is pasturing them. During the electric storm Sunday evening the large barns of A. R. Duncan, of Superior, were burned. In the middle of this month fields of oorn seven and eight feet high were to be seen in the fieids around Pinckuey. A little four years old danghter of Henry Hallen, of Webster, reoently broke her arm through falling from the porch of the house. Sharon people were shocked when they heard that Wm. Hall, of that to%vn, had had a stroke of apoplexy. Investigation disclosed the fact that he was suffering from a stitch in the back, contracted in the harvest field. Matthew Duffy's honse in Ypsilanti was destroyed by fire Wednesday night of last week while the family was away from home. Nearly all the fnrniture in the house was destroyed. There was a small insuranoe on the honse bnt none on the contents. Charles Rentschler, of South Salem, reoently met with a serious accident. While attempting to stop a rnnaway horse he was thrown to the grouud under] the horse's feet and severely kicked in the head. He is aroand again all rigbt now. Potor Barharr's barn and a ton of hay weie destroyed by fire Thnrsday mom ing of last week tbrongb the carelessuess of bis son George, who attempted to bnrn out a hornets' nest which was located iu the hay loft. The loss was between $70 and $80. The large flouriag ruill at Pinckney bas resurned business after a shutdown of nearly three months. Exteusive repairs have been made during the meantime and now Kleinm & Son, of Texas, have rented it for a term of years and will run it to its fullest capacity. By the exploslion of a gasoline stove in the kitohen of Eli Moore's house in Ypsilanti, Satnrday evening, the building was praotically destroyed. All the furniture in one of the front rooms was saved, but muoh of the remainder is a total loss. The house was insured for $1,000 and the furniture for $550, which will well cover the loss. Mrs. George Finch, of Ypsilanti, met with a bad accident Saturday. She was out driving with her daugbter and in turning into Forest ave. the wheels of the buggy struck a curb stone which overturned it. Mrs. Finch feil and her daughter was throvvn on top of her. Mrs. Finch's shoulder was broken and it will be some time before she can again use her arm. The Milan people and the fire department was called out Wednesday of last week to subdue the flames of Chas. Clark's house, on Gounty st. It seems the flre started iu the garret. Little Jay Clark went np to get some articl e, and not being able to see plainly wbat he was after struok a match to assist him in his search. The result was more light than was reqaired for that especial occasion. The flames were soon subdued, but not without quite a good deal of damage being done by both fire and water. Frank Teal was mowing on his farm about two miles southeast of Milan one day last week, when he got off his moiver and handed the lines to his tie gin. üe naü gone about 20 feet when the horses gave a jump, jerked the lines from the girl, ran twice around the field, broke the tongue from the machine, jumped into the road and were stopped in Milan when they rau into a horse and buggy hitohed in front of Gray's store. The horses' heels were quite badly bruised and the mower was almost a total wreek. Genuine heroism and admirable presence of mind were displayed by Miss Ella Wortley, danghter of John H. Wortley, of Ypsilanti, a few days ago. Ella and Kittie Batwell were fishing in the river back of Dr. McAndrew's residence, whpn in some mysterions way Kittie lost her balance and feil into the water. She went dovu out of sight, the river beiug deep at that place, when Ella jumped into the water seized Kitrie as she carne to the snrface, and in some nnac.joantablo way mauaged to bring her o stjore. It is a wonder that both the ciiildren were not" carried under by the current, which is strong at that poiut, for neither were able to swim. When we realiza that Kittie is only twelve aml Ella eleven years of age.the act boomfs all the more cominendable. - Ypsilantian. A. H. Duncan, of Superior, had his barn struck by lighruiug ou Suuday night, and it together witíj íts contents was destroyed. JHrs. C. W. Milleí anii daughter, of Dexter, aud ber sister, Mrs. Failey, of Chicago, have gone to Niágara Falla for a oouple of weeks' stay. Willie Cole, of South Salem, got bis arm fast in a binder oue day last week. Luokily uo boues were broken althüugh be recaived a severe flesh wound. Dog poisoners are abroad again iu PiDokney this snmmer and a fine setter belougiug to Fr. M. J. Comerford has falleu a victim. The samo conrse of laying poison arouud has been pursued for several suinmers. Daniel Bardan, who olerks in Wru. Webster's feed store, Ypsilanti, was charged by his employer on Saturday with having stolen 60 cents. He was tried befoie Juscioe Childs on Monday afternoon and discbarged. Tbere are sorae sheep killing dogs in and around Bridgewater tbat would be ! all the better for a dose of cold lead. The other night they chased a flock of sheep belonging to A. J. Lowry, and would have done them serious damage if Jesse Warner had not frigbtened the üanines off. W. H. Guerin, of Ypsilanti, rnet with a painful accident at Base Lake, kvhere he was camping, on Wednesday sf last ■week. He slipped upon a spike, which rau through his rubber boot and nflicted a bad wound in the foot and ae has been unable to use it since. This is the way the Livingston Dertiocrat talks of the republican caucus held at Piackuey, July 18: "The much advertised republican caucus was held here last Saturday. It was to have been called at two o'clook sharp, but it was nearly two hours later before the township inacbiue could get anyone to tuin out. At last eight weary looking republicans were rounded up and with the prospective would be G. O. P. state senator at the head marched bravely to the town hall. The following delegates were elected by acclarnation : C. M. Wood, G. W. Teeple, Ira J. Cook, J. J. lueple, E. E. Brown, E. L. Thompson, E. P. Campbell and George Bowman."