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The Honeymoon

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In reference to the honeymoon, as to other matters. people's opinions differ according to their temperaments and cirsumstances. We shall quote two nearly oppusite opiuions aud ask onr readers to decide for themselves. In the "Alemoir of Dauiel Jvlacmülan" his opinión is thus stated: "That ?oiug out for the honeymoon is a most %vise and usefnl invontion. It enables yon to be so constantly together, and to obtain a deeper knowledge of each other, and it also helps oue to see and feel the preciousness of such intimacy as nothing else could. Iuterconrse in the presence of others never leads below the surface, and it is in the -very depths of our being that true calm, deep and true peace and love lie. Nothing so well prepares for the serions dnties of af ter life. " "As to long hóneymoons," says the bishop of Rochester, "most sensible people have come utterly to disbelieve in them. They are a forced horuage to ntterly false ideas. They are a waste of money at a moment when every shilling is wanted for more pressing objects. They are a loss of time, wfaich soou comes to be dreary and weary. Most of all, they are a risk for love, which ought not so soon to be so unpleasantly tested by the inevitable petulances of a secret ennm. "-


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