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Unexplored America

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Of OntDïio's área, estimated at 200,000 square miles, 100,000 square miles are in au unknown región, only tha edges of which have been explored. Tbis is the territory known as the Hinterland of Ontario. It lies between LakesHnron and Superior to the nouth and the Albany river and James bay to the north. In this vast area is the Height of Land, which separates waters flowing to Hudson bay frotu the streatus emptying mto the St. Lawrence and the lakes. North of the Height iswhat is called the HudEoa bay slope, coasisting of abont 80,000 square miles. This slope ïuay be describid as nnknown laud. The Height of Laad is not a ridge of hills, bnc is a levei plateau some 1,200 or 1,300 f eet above the sea. "The scenery," says a surveyor's report, "though diversifiéd by hundreds of rivers and streams, tboasands of lakes and innumerable crag's andhills of rock.iscertainly lackmg in that nobihtyand" largeness cf view which only the preseuce of lofty mouutains can bestow. ' ' Of the rivers flowing north from this slope the Alfcany is the most important, being abouc 475 miles long and navigable dt:nngthe seascn of high water for 250 miles. Of the short siope south of the Height of Land, in wbjch are situated the settlements of NorrhBay, Sturgeon Falls and Sudberry, there is defiuite and general knowledge, but the whoie territory sloping ncrth remains unesplored. The Hinterland is Ontano's reserve. Much valuable timber in this región is destroyed by fires that sweep south of the watershed. Pine, spruce, tamarack, poplar and cedar are varieties of wood esisting ia abundauce south of theHudson bay slope. fiere, too, are valuable minerals, but the treasures hidden in the región north of the plateau and the resources of the high plane itself await the searching of some intrepid explorer. Meanwhile no adventurous spirit need resigu itself to obscure inaetivity nor ambitious traveler sigh because there are not nevv couutries to traverse. The Hinterland will reward the eager discoverer, and vrhen he has eshausted that territory Labrador, Kewfoundland, the Northeast territcry and regions of the great


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