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Villain Was Foiled

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Miss Miunie Kempfert, a young girl 15 years old, wno is a dotuestic for Mrs. L. B. McCardy, wife of a farmer ou the middle Ypsilanti road, had au experience Monday afternoon that she will recollect all her life. She attended the Wild West show Monday afternoon and left about 5 :30 o'clock to walk home. As she turned onto the Ypsilauti road leaving the city, she was aooosted by a man wearing a white feit slouoh hat, leather coat and striped breeches. He asked permission to accompany her, and was refnsed, bnt he still walked alongside her, talking to her aud telling her he was with the show. To his conversatiou she made no answers but hurried on her way home as fast as sbe could. Near the oounty poorhouse tbere is a cluuip of eider bushes which grow very thicky and there the fellow grabbed the poor girl and dragged her over the fence into the clcmip of bushes, where he attempted to commit a crimanial assanlt upon her after cboaking her to prevent her screaming. Depnty Sheriff Ross, of Ypsilanti, and his sou came driving along the rcad at this juncture, aud the deputy had to get out of his buggy to piek up something that had fallen out of it. As he did so he heard a rustle in the bushes and lookiug he discovered a man arising from the groimd and removing his hands from the lijis of the yonug girl, who, having recovered her breath, shrieked for help. Deputy Ross rushed into the bnshes aud the fellow leaped to his feet and ran. After a short chase the man stopped, threw up his hands and allowed himself to be captnred and taken back to the scène of the occurreuce. When Mr. Ross reached for his handcuffs to put ou his prisoner, he made a second break for liberty and was this time successful, as, ofter a chase of a mile Mr. Ross lost sight of biin in a large cornfield. Wheu Mr. Ross got back to where the girl was she was able to give a good description of him, bnt althongh he went to Aun Arbor and got some other ofïicers, their search for the villain was unavailing. From the peculiar dress of the stranger it was believed he belonged to the Wild West company. The matter was laid before Col. Wm. F. Cody, and his manager, McCadden, asked that Miss Kempfert and Mr. Ross together inspect the whole camp. He offered to line up the whole force on the pay roll for such an inspection, but it was irupossible to get Miss Kempfert again in time. Col. Cody then suggested that the two go to Adrián Tuesday for the same purpose, but Miss Kempfert's relatives objected to her having auytning fartner to do with the case on account of the publicity it would give her. Deputy Sheriff Ross, however, was not contented with his share in the matter and ou Wedneaday morning armed with a warrant for the arrest of the man who attempted the assault he left for Jacksou where the Wild West show was ou that day, with which Mr. Ross rlr-iks the man was connected. He returued the same evening having found no trace of the man he wanted.


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