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The Gtass Lake News avers that when Charley Townsend, a somewhat ofarouio office holder in Jackson, was a teaober in the district schools, he claimed that pnpils shonld be taught spelling by absorption, and for that reason made them sit on their spelling books. Oh, my! Jast hear this "misuble" Grass LaKe editor: The editar of the Ann Arbor Conrier is accounted a good square man, but it is a coinoidence well understood by his neighbors that wheaever a henroost is robbed in his ward he next day has chicken pie for dinner. Uncle Gns Peters of Washtenaw is a mighty good farmer and a mighty loyal populist. He believes in silver and everybody around him knows he believes in it. He refuses to plant yellow dent coru because he don't want H. Wirt Newkirk to charge him with raising the golden grain, aud uext fall he will have 50 or 60 acres of the finett white deut and Fliiit that ever put lard on a pig's ribs. Mr. Sayles, a preacher, has purchased the Ypsilanti Commercial, and becomes itfi editor. As a pulpiteer he has aohieved marked success. He comes to the journalistic profession, endowed with exalted piety, a marked istic of the editorial fraternity in Washtenaw couuty. We welcome the geutleïnan to the calliug, and beg hitn to ïemenaber, that after he begins proof reading, there is ueed of great care, lest he viólate the Mosaic sratutes, or that particular one beariug on profanity. It ■wouldu't be a bad idea to have the whole teo coinmandrueuts printed for daily reference, for the first few naonths. Dick McGuire, of South Lyon, depleted the sheep reserve lately by stealiug uine fat lauabs íroru a Salem farmer, who insisted on continuiug the sheep iudustiy - even under free wool. McGuire run the lambs into the Detroit ruarket and made a good thing out of it. He was detected however, arrested, aud taken before Justioe Pond, of Ann Arbor, pleaded guilty, wept copious'y, but didn't offer to cough up the proceeds. The jnstice had just read a gold bug editorial in the Courier on the destraction of the sheep industry by Cleveland free trade, and since he ís now scratching McKiuley's political back, he directed McGuire to "stand up, " and Mac stood. "You are a sheep thief, " said the jnstice. "Lamb, yer honor, just lamb, if ye plaze. " "Well sir, you've uo business with lambs," said his honor severely. "Mary had oue sor, and begorra its rneself is as good as she, " was the repiy. "You took nine, you villain," said the court, with a steel-blue-cold-glitter in his eye. "Faix, yer honor, it was all 1 could find, shure, " said McGuire. "Well, you ruust pay a fine of 50 and 7.40 costs" "Howly murther, judge." "Silenoo - pay 57.40 or go to jail for 90 days. " "Wouldn't thatskiL au Oirishman?" said McGuire, aud ihen he sent for his wife and his pocket book. And when he had sent for his wife and she canie and found that Dick would be again arrested when he gets out of jail foi another offense of a like character committed in Oakland county, she went home again with her good money in her pocket.


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