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... Nerve Saved His Life

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Leu Hcnry, a well known pioneer, relares au adventure that is out of the usual order. líe was traveling on a narrow trail afaove the raging Grande Bonde river wheu he carne to a landslide about 20 f eet aeross that left no trail or even a niche in the sniooth, precipitous rock. The trail was so narrow that the horse could not turn back. He was trapped. Above the 20 f oot break in the trail was a sharp crag of overhangiug rock. On his saddle bow was a strong riata 60 feet long, and Henry is an expert in the use of it. He steadied hiniself upon the saddle, swung the rope over his head and hurled it high into the air. It settled firmly over the crag. He tried it earefully. It was firrn. His saddle was a new and strong one, with doublé cinches. Arouud the horn he wound the rope. He urged the horse on to the edge of the precipice. The faithful beast stood firm. He would not step over, but the rider drew up the slack snd pulled with all his power. Inch by inch he drew the straining horse forward till his feet slipped, and he swnng over the chasm. The rider held his breath as he lookedatthe river below and the slender rope above, but he was across the gap. He sprang up the trail and tugged at the reins to aid.the horse in gaining his feet. He pulled, and the horse lunged up into the


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