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Lord Palmerston And The Turks

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In regard to the Turks thernselves, may I venture to observe that the genius of their marmers and conversation is that of yielding everything at first? They begin by saying, 'Good ; yes. ' But when you come to the matter in question and to its details you will find all those fine expressious mean nothing. Like all people in a weak position, they respect you according to their opiniĆ³n of your force. If, however, you wish that force to have a permanent influence and to be unaccompanied by dislike, you must blend its exercise with justice ; and, if you wish to arrive at a quick result through all that ambuscade of intrigues and doubts and fears and prejudices which will be sure to be secretly formed against it, you must teil the Turk what he is to do, why he is to do it, when he is to do it and show him that you only ask quietly and reasonably what you have a right to demand. In this way, and this way alone, you will do business with him. If he sees you act thus, he will not only aeree with


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