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A Shrewd Market Woman

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The shrewdness and loquacity of market wornen - a craït nunibering inore members in the old world thau m the new - are proverbial, and the following anecdote in Mr. Doran's bookon "Table Traits" bears witness to the jnstice of their reputaüon : A mernber of the sisterhood in Bristol, England, had a L10 pound Bank of England note and wished to exchauge it for gold, which was then at a high premium. Accordingly she entered a bank and made known her request, to be met with instant refusal. The quick witted wonian, without exhibiting my disuipointmint, thereupon asked the cashier to lt?t her have ten of the bank's L1 notes in exchauge for her Bank of Bnglander. The exchange beiug coinpleted, the old wonian, taking up one of the provincial notes, read aloud the promise engraved upon it to pay the bearer in cash. "Very goud, " said she, with a chuckle, "now gi' me goold for your note, or I'll run to the door and cali out, 'Bank's broke. ' " There was no resisting this appeal, and the market woman departed in triumph.


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