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W. H. atkins, supervisor of Manchester, has inounced himself a candidate for the ncrcnination on the democratie ticket for the office of county clerk. Watkins is a vrorker and will rnake a great hustle for the nomiuation. Chicago has a reform -repúblicas city government, and there is now no rnoney in the city treasury, and nearly every department of the municipal governmeut already has eshausted its current appropriarion, although the fiscal year is but little over half espired. At a meeting of the sound money dernocrats of Michigan held at Graud Kapids, Tnesday evening, Judge E. B. Pond, of this city, was elected one of the advisory delegates to the national conference of sound money deinocrat to be held in Indiauapolis, Ind., today. Canada is importing our gold coin, and over one million dollars was taken last month, rnostly from New York. Canada has no gold coin of its oven, and our coinage is by law a full legal tender and redemption money thronghont the Dominion and therefore sorne twenty million dollars are held as a reserve by the Canadian banks and gov eminent. Ifcïs a pleasing thiog to notice tha the ordinanoe relative to the scatteriug of handbills on the streets is being en forcea by the officers. There is noth ing that looked more shiftless or discreditable than the amount of handbills that used to be sown broadcast over the city before the ordinance was pnt in force and we hope to see the good work of the officers in this respeot kept op. At the meeting of the democratie state central committee at the Bancroft honse, Saginaw, on Tuesday, Elliott G. Stevensou, of Detroit, tendered his resgnation as chairman of the commitree, and Fred A. Baker, of Detroit, was uuanimously chosen to sneceed him. Mr. Baker characterizes tbe coming catupaign as the greatest and most important ever waged by the democratie party. He said he hoped to unite and briug abont a enndition of perfect barmouy. S. T. Douglass, of Detroit, tendered his resiguation as a member of the oommittee because he vs as not in accord with the platform of the party. Judge John W. McGrath was elected in bis place. C. S. Williams, of Owosso, also teudered his resignation for the same reason. E. A. Gould, also of Owosso, was cho&en in his place. The total railway mileage in the United States on June 30, 1895, was 180,657 miles, an increase of 1,948 miles or, 1.09 percent being shown. The increase in 1894 was 2,247 miles, which was less than for auy preceding year during the period for which reports have been made to the interstate commerce commission. The territory and states in which the increase in mileage exceeds 100 miles are: Arizona, 247 miles; Illinois, 188 miles; Pennsylvania, 157 miles; Maine, 132 miles; Texas, 110 miles; and Montana, 150 miles. The aggregate length of all tracks in the United States on June 30, 1S95, was 230,894 miles. Iocluded in this total track mileage weve 10,640 miles of second track, 957 miles of third track, 733 miles of fourth track, and 48,888 miles of yard track aud sidings.


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