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A Wonderful Escape

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Belated by a Keeper of the MicSiigaa State Prison at Jackson. (.From the Jackson Citizen.') Mr. A. E. Wing resides at 613 K Jackson Street, Jackson, Mifch. He is a keeper in the Michigan State Prison, a man of sterling mtegrity, and whose word is beyocd dispute. He tells the following story of a ■wonderful escape, and the incidents connected with the dangerous position in which he was placed. He says, some months ago my attention was attracted by a Bwelling of my groins, which began to increase in size to such an extent that I was ilarmed. It spread down my legs to my feet, and I was bloated from my waist down, so badly that I could not pull my pants, over my legs, and I had to open my sboes fully two inches before I could get them on. Even my face became puffed up; and my whole system seemed affected. I could hardly drag myself upstairs to unlock my men. I consulted a physician, one of the best in the city. He said the Bwelling wTas caused by an irritation of the kidneys, and I commenced treatment with him. But I seemed to be getting worse. I was strongly urged by a friend to try Doan's Kidney Pilis, and I flnally consented. After the first week I commenced to see a change, and feit much better. This was encouraging, and I continued their use. I took fl ve boxes in all, with the happy result that I was completely cured. I have never heard of any medicine which had such a pronounced and radical effect, and yet not affect the system generally and leave it in such a good concïition. I feel better now than I ever did. After the effect was once established the swelling gradually disappeared until it was entirely gone. I regard Doan's Kidney Pilis as a most wonderful agent in the curing of aay. forai of kidney disorder. For sale by all dealers - price, 50 cents per box. Mailed by Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the U. 8. Remember the name, Doaris, and take no otber.


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