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Good Advice To "old Subscriber."

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Once again I am compelled to ímpress upon my correspondents the necessity of brevity in their Communications. Por the benefit of those who may have a diñiculty in condensing their observations I would suggest among other things the omission of preliminary flourishes. It is gratifying to me to hear from every correspondent thathe (or she) has been a diligent reader of Trath since its first immber, that he regards it as the most valuable and influential of papers, that he has iruplicit confidence in my intelligence, jadgment, sense of jnstice and desire to do the right thing, and that he comes to me with every expectation, etc. , but with incessant repetition even this sort of flattery is apt to lose its flavor. I reckon that if all the compliments were taken out of my letter box my daily reading would be shortened by at least two hours, which is tlïe sanie thing as if one whole day per fortnight were added to my life. How many days, then, must be wasted in writing these compliments? For all our sakes, I beseech my correspondeuts to come to the poiut at ouce, and wheii they have stated it to siqn their names and make way f or soinebody else. -


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