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Think One Was Shot

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Cleveland, O., Aug. 5.- Shooting by soldiers and rioters marked the opening of another day in the vicinity of the Brown Hoisting -works. At 2:30 o'clock Tuesday morning two men stoppel in front of Mrs. Lind's boarding house, a few squares from the Brown Hoisting works, where a man named Gettner, who is employed at the works bo;irds. The two men yelled for the "scab" to come out and then they began throwing stones at the house. Presently one of the men flred it the door. the bullet passing through the panel and entering the house. The noise attracted the attention of the militia. and a detaehment of Company I wcre ordered to the peone on the doublé quick. As the soldiers turned a neighboring corner the two men started to run. The lieutenant in charge shouted "Halt." The pursed men paid no attention to the order and the soldiers began uring at them. They returned the flre, and íor a few momeuts there was a lively fusillade. Caiisetl Muoh Exciteinent. One of the men suddenly made a cry and was heard to groan. A moment later, however, both had disappeared in the darkness. The affair caused the utmost excitemeut in the neighborhood for a time. The bullets struck several houses. Two went clear through the side of a grocery store. The soldiers and others believe that the two men had planned to blow up Mrs. Lind's house. About 150 non-union men went to work at the Browr. Hoisting works Tuesday morning under guard of a large forcé of militia and police. An enormous crowd of strikers and their sympathizers were present but no rouble oecurred. On every street within a radius of nearly a mile of the plant both soldiers and locked out men patrolled the sidewalks. Many of the soldiers were doubly armed, wearing belts and revolvers as well as carrying guns. A number of the strikers also carried guns. The Strike May Spread. At a meeting of the executive commitlee of the locked out Brown Hoisting works men Tuesday morning it was decided unaniniously to ask the Central Labor unión at its meeting on Wednesday evening to declare a sympathetic strike. If this is done it will cal! out probably frem 15,000 to 20,000 men.


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