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Rumors In New York

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New York, Aug. 5.- The announccment of the failure ia Chicago of Moore Bros., the promoters of the Diamond Match company and the New York Biscuit company resulted in the prevalence hcre Tuesday of all sorts of rumors ooncerniug the effect upon the business at the New York offices of the concerns meutioned Scores of persons who are interosted in the affairs of the Diamond Match company visited the offices of that company in Hudstreet, of which George P. Johnson is manager. Mr. Johnson was not in the office Tuesday, haviug sent down word that he was sick. He received news of the failure Monday evening. Mr. Johnson's secretary said that because Moore Bros. owned a good deal of stock in the Diamond Match company it did not neeessarily follow that their failure would result in a discontinúanos of the business of the concern. "A great many others besides the Moores own stock in the company," said the secretary, "and the company will eer tainiy go atyjad and fill orders. Beyond the mere aniíouiicement of the failure of Moors Bros. Mr. Johnson had no iufor mation. ' ' Untll word is received from President O. C. Barber no official statement of just how much the stock of the company is ir.volved in the failure of Moore Bros. can be made. The following statement was given out to a representative of the Asso ciated Press at the office of the New York Biscuit company in this city: ':ïhe failure of Moore Bros. will in no raanner affect tho business of the New York Biscuit company. The fact that Mr. Williatn H. Moore of Moore Bros. is vice president of the company, is no reason why we should be affected in the least. We have heard of the failure and that is about all. The stock of this cou'.piiny is well proteeted. It is very likely tliau wheii full informatiou is re ceivod from Chicago it will be found that the ffalrsofthe Moore Bros. win bo all settled with a very short time. Whether they aro or not business will go on just the aamo as il' the Moore Bros. wero soli-iit. Williiun H. Moore, vtce presidí at of the oompany, is not in New York city, Uthough it is stated chat he is in tho east." Geortro P Johnson, who is manager of tho New York branch of the Diaruoud Match company, is also treasurcr of the New York Biscuit company,


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