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Real Estate Transfers

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A. Berdan to G. W. Davenport, Saline. Fred C. Brown and wife to Arthur Brown, Ann Arbor, $300. Walter J. Toop to Elizabeth Hangsterfer, Auu Albor, $1. Sarah J. Toop to Elizabeth Hangsterfer, Ann Arbor, $7,500. Charles A. Brown to Ann Arbor ErnvingCo. and Brenin, Ann Arbor, $40. Charles H. Richmond and wife to Aruy H. Richmond, Ann Arbor, $1. Frederick S. and Maiy A. Rohmond to Aruy H. Richmond, $1. Amy H. Richmond to Fanny Burr Butler, $3.400. Emtna J. Smith to Harmon S. Holmes, Lima, $10,000. Wm. Greenfield, et al., to Lizzie Calhoun, York, f60. Austin George and wife to Ypsilanti Opera House Co., Ypsilanti, $600. Zenus Sweet aod wife to Geo. Blum, Ann Arbor, $1,500. Wlliain A. Burt to Frank Whitman, Ypsilanti, $1. Frank Whitman to William A. and Helen T. Bnrt, Ypsilanti, $1. Minnie E. Adams to Henry B. Hoagland, Ann Arbor, $3,500. Alletta J. Stedman to Mary E. Vincent, Ann Arbor, $35. John Kapp and vr ife to Minnie E. Adams, Ann Arbor, $600. C. W. Wagner and wife to Edward Aprill, Lodi, $1,500. Minnie Riedel to Pamelia C. Taylor, Manchester, $1. Cornelia F. Kerr to Minnie E. Adams, Ann Arbor, $4,000. John A. Jackson and wife to Mary Jane Meade, Mooreville, $500. Julia F. L. Winchell to Levi D. Wines, Ann Arbor $13,000. Levi D. Wines and wife to Wm, J. Bootb and David Zimmerrnan, Ann Arbor, $13,000. Herman Vedder to Arthur Vedder, Augusta, $1,000. Arthur Brown and wife to Sarah J. Toop, Ann Arbor, $600. 'ieorge H. Blum to Sarah J. Toop, Ann Arbor, $600. Albert M. Clark and vife to Leonard Bassett and wife, Ann Arbor, $1. Leouard Bassett and wfie to Albert M. Clark and wife, Ann Arbor, 1.